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  1. Carl

    Dapol 142

    I can live with the windows, they look close enough to my eyes, but those light clusters - just so wrong. But wasn't expecting that to change from the first run, and will still pick a couple of each of the GMPTE and Provincials up.
  2. I love this layout, thanks for posting all the photos. I am planning a terrace of the Scalescenes houses, and having seen yours it’s now a definite. And I fancy watching Friends again! I look forward to seeing more photos and details.
  3. It's taken a while, but I have a progress report. The north side of the fiddle yard is mainly laid, all the points are motorised and wired up, and have DCC busses running around all of the baseboards, ready for me to start laying track on the scenic sections. It started out being a bit of a nightmare for me. It was mostly caused by inadequate planning, combined with lack of experience - and skill! - but after the steep learning curve, things went more smoothly. Again, the lesson learnt was plan, plan, plan. Some areas of my fiddle yard are quite dense with
  4. I attached my oscilloscope to the ports, and nothing unfortunately! Thanks for the idea though, that would have done me for a few days.
  5. That's really not a bad idea, if I can find an appropriate, cost-effective device. I can't immediately find one, do you have any suggestions? Digikeijs suggest that the DR5000 it is probably going to cost as much to fix as a new one is, since it's out of warranty, but will check for me if I send it to them. If anyone does find this and wonder about Digikeijs' out-of-warranty repairs work, the first 10 minutes is free, then they charge €12.50 per 15 minutes to a maximum of €50, plus parts and shipping. In this case they suspect it will go back to the processor. I'll s
  6. Thanks, at least my diagnosis seems correct. I don’t have a way of checking the DR4088LN for that section, but at least they are cheap compared to a DR5000! I found someone with one in stock, so that’s on the way. Hopefully Digikeijs can repair the DR5000 I have, if only to have a spare like you!
  7. I'm in the middle of laying my fiddle yard, and have been testing each point I lay once I've installed the occupancy detection and point motor for it. My setup is : - DR5000, the "track" output is the feed for my accessory bus, for the whole layout. - DR5033, connected to the DR5000 with LocoNet, and this (and two others when I get that far) provide track power in three districts. This morning, whilst laying some track, I left the track power on after testing, and when I went to solder on of my bus wires either the DR5000 or DR5033 tripped (as you'd exp
  8. Did you ask Worsley for those especially, or are you re-using parts he has available for other coaches/EMUs?
  9. That's brilliant, thanks for all the information. Just what I was after.
  10. Do you use the LokSound decoder in your 92s? Which version? I only picked a 92 up last week, and there were no sound versions left, so had to go DC. Not sure if I want sound or not in the 92 yet, but it'll be good to know the decoder you use.
  11. Thanks Richard, I'll take a look at that one.
  12. Hi guys, Before I buy some decoders and potentially regret it, I've got a couple of questions. I've picked up a Dapol HST-P and class 33, and a Revolution Class 92 recently. They're all Next18, and are my first locos designed for Next18. All of my 6-pin decoders are Zimo or Lenz, and would like to stick with Zimo for N18 where possible. 1) It seems that 4 function decoders (like the MX618N18) will be absolutely fine for locos which have independently switchable red/white lights in each end, and no other functionality? 2) The Revolution Class 92 d
  13. Following with interest. I've got the bits to make a start on one myself, but I'm busy laying track at the minute so it's probably a couple weeks before I do. I'm going to try two, one with the Electra vinyls in BR Blue/Grey, and one just BR blue for ease of painting!
  14. Sorry to post to an old thread. Just wondering if it was a 121 or 122 you used as the motor chassis? Your posts mention both. I imagine both fit just fine, but thought I’d check!
  15. Thanks so much, that's exactly what I was after. The thread Dagworth linked to is great, and thanks Phil for explaining why it might happen on fairly mainline settings.
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