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  1. more......? Do the neighbours know they're about to be annexed, or is the experimental multi height fiddle yard concept being reworked into a multi storey shed towering over the surroundings and resembling a PSB?
  2. .... well viewed from space, the shed is visible while the house is not.
  3. Arthur, can you put me down for a J25 when they are ready please? Steve Taylor
  4. it's a complicated, risky place, full of junctions and canals, you don't want to go there..... trust me.
  5. The pictures indicate a massive amount of work, but the descriptions truly indicate a massive leap forward. Looking forward to getting to grips with new improved LCJ with go-faster stripes.
  6. ...... and an SLU is of course the British imperial measurement commonly known as the "standard leaning unit" most commonly applied after the PU of course, unless adverse weather requires emergency SLU usage in advance of PU application, due to say... a hurricane on the way to the pub.
  7. ......switched out and under the nearest ROC that day
  8. Is this level of occupancy in the local instructions as a legitimate means of preventing the Clyde-Clyde express?
  9. authenticity fail alert: that new signal box needs a minimum of 14' of chilly under floor cavity to accurately emulate the drafts coming up from the a locking room. Is there room for a kettle and stove and will LCN Jct beat Loughborough to having a wc? Your making rapid progress as usual John, looking forward to seeing the results.
  10. That many netties...... did curry and stout arrive in Rosedale that early?
  11. a 4mm netty! Will it contain a 4mm............
  12. thank you both, that gives me something to go at. In which case....... any idea of the nominal thickness of a tyre at the outer face (non flanged edge) ?
  13. On opening a loco kit, we are usually faced with buying some extras, wheels, gearbox, motor etc. If we are lucky the instructions detail what wheels are required, so off we go to the appropriate website or show stand and exercise the credit card. If no info is available off we go to the "reference library", ascertain what is required and then partake of retail therapy. However I am curious at what is meant by these given dimensions. When a wheel is quoted as being of a particular size, is that purely covering the machined wheel prior to it having the tyres pressed on, or is it a figure accounting for the increased diameter of the tyre too, and if so is it based on a brand new tyre, minimum acceptable thickness or a median figure? I'm trying to workout if it might be feasible to rework some 00 rtr wheels by turning off the flanges altogether and replacing them with "tyres" scavenged from a suitable aftermarket replacement........ why you may ask? Well no-one does a proper 3mt wheel for p4....... and my hairy shirt is not itchy enough.
  14. I have heard of boilers for locos undergoing a heavy general at Darlington North Road coming in by rail from Crewe, and vice versa. To some extent, as had been suggested, it would depend on which main works had a suitable spare available, and which had spare boiler shop capacity. I would be interested to know if any of these "stores" moves went via Stainmore or were they all routed via York.
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