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  1. They were a purposeful looking thing. Given the apparent lack of vacuum brake and their size, I take it their main role was local trip freight working? Set me thinking if I could use one too.
  2. Happy Birthday from up here too
  3. FFFFFFFFs..... got a week off , I can paint sheds while you make life....... complicated. Seriously - take it easy and cherrrristttttt next time I get down the road this is going to be a different animal.
  4. Blimey, caw, chuffing 'eck, blinking flip and similar expressions. Mine has arrived too and I could run out of superlatives - anyone want half a dozen unfinished mangled Bachmann bodies? Thanks for your efforts in doing this Mike, I just hope that when I work up the nerve I can do your work justice.
  5. Looking forward to a closer look..... had pondered something similar for signal box windows.
  6. Looking very nice. Photoshop is coming on a treat. Now..... con-boxes, Locs and cable runs? Edited.... cos I forgot that "bluetooth signalling" was in its infancy in the '60s so can we book S&T for detection, rodding run and wire runs too? Oh and some where in the 4' needs at least one exploded loo roll.
  7. As a tune once said.... "Bow down before the one you serve", oddly informing them it won't work, why and the ramifications on a piece of timing that was tight if it went right in a slack WTT, and impossible in one with the TSR taken out..... or if a seldom used shunt failed to come off got me my approval and a train through 3 minutes earlier than the indicated timing (and out of my hair). Given some of the other complications it's be nice just to run and regulate trains. Can Mr Sharpe CCTV the layout and we work out an internet based control system?
  8. Proper regulating. Was there a policy, or was this sort of thing a control decision?
  9. Custard? Have to balance the fibre and the Carbs'n'Fats in a civilised manner.
  10. Thank 4*ck you said that. I thought I was going senile, imagining that "goosegogs"were a thing (stand down Yorkshire ancestors, Linguistic honour and clarity has been established). Mr Axlebox..... re. Mr P.Maine and his opinion on Rhubarb, and derivatives. If he can't take gooseberries, as a comrade you may wish to furnish him with a goodly supply of gaviscon if reaction to goosegogs is anything to go by.
  11. I believe, This chap may be saying that the operations team, may be putting on weight during lockdown. That, without the fortnightly foot patrol (footplate) or stress out (signalling) or incredulity-fatigue (control) we may collectively be expanding!
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