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  1. Midland Freemo 19 update. The new venue we are hoping to use will not be completed until mid September. As I’ve never known a build project finish on time yet, I think the risk is far too great to rely on this venue to be ready for us. Therefore we are going to hold the meeting back at Armitage again. The hall has been booked from Saturday 12th October at 8 am. until 6pm Sunday 13th If anyone is interested in bringing a module, please could you email me [email protected] The group’s own modules now fill at least 50% of the hall so space is limited, it’s a case of first come first serve, I’m afraid. More details will follow.
  2. Evening I’m very pleased to admit that I am the new owner of Pen Y Bont. Can I thank Andy for the hospitality he has shown me today and I can promise you all it will be looked after and when ready it will be exhibited. I will be posting most of the updates on the layout via Facebook at the following address https://m.facebook.com/Lower-Clent-1715922131867765/
  3. Morning, Just like to share my latest project with you. After 25 years modelling in HO I’ve taken an interest in the O gauge BR(w) steam that seems to be available in RTR form. I’ve always liked STUART DAVIES‘S Sheepcroft EM gauge layout and was wondering if it’s possible to build it in O. This is yesterday’s work Two heavy duty baseboards built and the track placed down, just to get the feel. The idea of the layout is it’s a small twig of a line running from Stourbridge Junction towards Clent and Belbrought This part will be the low level goods yard and there may possibly be a high level single line passenger station crossing at 90 degrees. All to be set in the late 50’s to late 60’s
  4. After messing around with a number of other projects that never seemed to mark, I’ve decided to return to my layout in the shed. I’m currently revamping the open fiddle yard/ staging and moving it from Florida to Maine. The main layout is now a paper mill that receives wet pulp paper for making into specialist finished paper. The paper mill consists of two working turnouts and one that is spiked I will post a track plan shortly. Here are some photos of the revamped fiddle yard
  5. Ashwood is starting to take shape. At least the paint will be dry.
  6. To be honest, I'm bringing along a bit of a timesaver layout this year, the reason I say timesaver is, Northpoint has laid the track, wired it and ballasted it. I've just got to add a few trees, the odd building, a background, lighting and build a fiddleyard. It's arriving this morning so there's plenty of time This is as far as Northpoint has taken it.
  7. There is no rush on this one. It will be going to TVNAM next year but just had the urge to build the framework
  8. Thanks guys, It will be operated by the Brownville and Ashland Railway A freelance railroad that I've recently purchased.
  9. Evening Went to B&Q today for some 12mm ply today Still got the fiddle yard to build
  10. Hi Tom I'm currently in Italy on holiday with little or no internet connection I will post a track plan next week or if you want, you can look here https://www.facebook.com/TFHRR/ In the photos there is a track plan
  11. It a Kato GP35 with Conon hi hood Custom built and painted by Southern Tier Models in Florida
  12. Ex NS GP35, now owned by the Florida Highland Railroad pushes loaded corn syrup tank cars in to the ADM terminal, on the Highland Industrial Park
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