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  1. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Beat me to it, just what I was going to say!
  2. What wire size do people recommend using for Cobalt Analogue point motors? Despite what the instructions say about accepting most sizes of wire I seem to be having problems getting the terminals to grip and hold 2mm wire. Any thoughts gratefully received. Roger
  3. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Well actually since you ask I'm trying not to fall down this gap between engine and tender!
  4. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    No need to go mad, how many does it need to see in broad daylight?
  5. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    You live in the wrong part of the world! Oh I don't know though maybe not
  6. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Maybe not where you are but freezing here today!
  7. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Try round at the Dairy, usually some blokes standing around doing nothing there!
  8. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    The trouble with this thread is that when I look at the standard achieved I feel like giving up!
  9. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Now we know what those three are talking about!
  10. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    What do you mean 'could be' it is isn't it?
  11. Benbow

    Much Murkle

    And not sending something out of the fiddleyard and derailing it before being told!!! I wonder who that was???
  12. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Did you mean "ewe go again"?
  13. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Now I don't want to be awkward (what me!!!???) but how are those poles/logs/pit props by the Goods Shed staying in place? If I stacked them like that they would roll all over the place . Is there some rope round them I can't see? I like the black and white view.
  14. Benbow

    Little Muddle

    Or my last photo before I die!!!!
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