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  1. Have you tried using a soft cloth to rub paint/pigment on? A sort of dry rub rather than brush. I think the buildings on Bacup were done that way, and they looked pretty convincing to me.
  2. A gate at the wall end of the railings, with access through the back door of the lean to?
  3. I was hesitant about posting, as I sensed a hiatus, and didn't want to add even a semblance of pressure, so i hope you won't take it that way. The layouts and the "back story" are lovely, and we will all enjoy whatever developments happen, whenever they do.
  4. Hi Adrian, has anything been happening in Westonmouth lately? The long hot summer has made me nostalgic for the 1970s of my childhood, when a trip to my grandparents in Brizzle (not so far from Westonmouth!) would invariably mean my father finding an excuse to take me to Temple Meads, "just for a look..."
  5. Is the painted out line on the opposite side the loco siding?
  6. As Tim suggests, my supposed mystery was the wagon. Perhaps it was unloaded/loaded or whatever and returned on the same day, but since that's not clear, that was my supposed msytery. Not a very interesting mystery i grant you, but still, I found the description of a delivery as odd. Perhaps it was a very small amount of coal, and they simply shovelled it into bunkers and then took the empty wagon away, I don't know.
  7. Thanks Keith, I think 298 and I have seen all of the sequence on there, although it there are any more elsewhere we'd be delighted to learn of them. However, I suspect that it was such a minor event in the teeming business of the Met that it failed to gain the attention it might have done. After all, where else in the UK would a two wagon siding attract such interest! There's a little bit of a mystery in my mind relating to the 1961 sequence. It is usually described as the last delivery, which implies there was a final collection which went unrecorded at a later date. Although it's possible to work out from District Dave when the "coal train" ceased to appear in the WTT, I'm not sure that necessarily gives a date to the final run. In the timetable it was apparently described as the coal train right to the end, even if, by that date, it perhaps only conveyed outbound rubbish to Croxley tip.
  8. Well I have a copy on order! Off to look for a copy now.
  9. As I understand it, they used two locos. The inbound loco then taking the place of the outbound in the loco siding
  10. Tagging along on this one. Hope someone comes up trumps...
  11. Thanks Adrian, that makes sense now. Thinking of shrinking the plan to "N" as I don't have space for the larger gauges any more.
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