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  1. Some of my topics have years between posts, so I’m not sure this change will motivate me!
  2. Bricklink should have what you need.
  3. Having had the layout running for a few weeks, had given me the opportunity to assess what it was like to operate (not in a serious way as such, more in terms of play value). I concluded that the double track “exit stage right” Didn’t really add anything, although it gave a longer runaround loop that was pointless as it was greater than the maximum train length, and with revising the offstage arrangements it wasn’t possible to assemble a train from all three sidings. So bearing in mind @Neil’s sage advice of “if in doubt, simplify” (I paraphrase, but that’s the general d
  4. I also came across this rather splendid photo, which, among other things, makes me feel even more content with the Code 100 track! 2020.07.29_12763_Awhvw_LNS 363712 by rcbrug, on Flickr I really hope one of the Dutch dealers, or Piko themselves, offer the little shunter in the black livery one day - I love it!
  5. Apologies for the lack of updates, progess had stalled while work and other things got in the way. However, this week, timber for any potential extension showed up (a longer fiddlestick for starters) and then today a rather exciting package from Germany: Package from HOfine.de by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr
  6. Looks like they're getting ready for some more track renewals:
  7. I have to agree the plain backscene looks better to my eyes.
  8. Glad I’m not the only one who acquires stock for the next layout, or the layout after that.
  9. A little more progress today, some track paint and the level crossing Amsterdam Harbour layout progress by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Amsterdam Harbour layout progress by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Amsterdam Harbour layout progress by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr
  10. How tight radius are you going with the Settrack curves? I’m trying to stick at R4 or above (and then only on one one curve which is tight-ish on the prototype) even “off-stage” as it were.
  11. It’s alive! by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr Not the most exciting photo, but a significant moment, as we have power and the little 363 has traversed the entire module successfully.
  12. One or two lines need their ends trimmed to length ( they were left deliberately over length to avoid any gaps when finally laid) and the I need to think about wiring the feeds to the bus wires. Each piece of track has at least one feed directly connected to it, using the pre wired rail joiners, which while less effective than directly soldered feeds, are much easier to do!
  13. Since those photos were taken I’ve put down the trackbed (Diall 2.2mm extruded polystyrene underlay) with its handy 1cm square printed grid and pinned down the track: Track laying begins by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr And the final result by Jon Gwinnett, on Flickr
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