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  1. Outwell village is packed in car ready for the trip across from East Yorkshire, see you all later Alan
  2. Got back home to York after a most enjoyable show, well worth the long trip. Outwell had a lot of very nice comments. Thanks to the all the organising team for all their hard work in putting on an excellent show
  3. Outwell village is packed in the car ready for the trip to the show, looking forward to a good weekend.Hope to see plenty of people come and have a chat.
  4. Outwell village is all packed away. Thanks to the organising team for a excellent show, and to the catering team in keeping us fed over the weekend.
  5. Outwell Village is packed and ready for the trip to Pontefract exhibition see you there later
  6. We are there with Outwell Martin, look forward to a chat. Alan
  7. Outwell village is packed in the car ready to head to the exhibition. Hope everyone as a good show.
  8. Outwell Village all stored away after a great weekend at the Perth Exhibition. We had lots of good comments and conversations with members of the public. Thanks to Stan and his team for the invite, and for the hospitality from the Outwell team
  9. Could also try Digitrains of Lincoln. They made up a length for me a short while ago
  10. Glad you got to the museum Neil, interesting place. We managed to get there when we did Eurospoor exhibition with Outwell a couple of years back. A nice city also. Alan
  11. Had a great day at the show, well organised and friendly organising team. Outwell Village ran fairly well after recent upgrades. Thanks also to the punters for their comment's and conversation
  12. Sorry I have not replied sooner to the questions has Steve 1 indicated I have been rather busy at work and away at Eurospoor in the Netherlands. Outwell is due to appear at the York show at Easter and Huddersfield later in 2016
  13. Would like to thank all the organising team for their hard work on putting on a fantastic exhibition. The Outwell Village operators had a very enjoyable weekend. With many nice conversation with members of the public
  14. I think this show as the potential to be a very good show, a few rough edges sorting but for the first one well done to the organising team. The Outwell Village crew would like to thank them for a good weekend. Also a big thank you for all the punters that commented with kind words about the layout.
  15. Just arrived home after having a most enjoyable weekend at the show. Outwell Village was very well received, thanks to everyone for their kind comments. Also thanks to the organizers and their team for a great show from the Outwell operators
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