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  1. your meant to be working :)

  2. Hey up Folks Now Ive heard a few people complain about the Bachmann V2 dome cover being too flat so.. All I did was get some milliput filler, mix a wee bit slightly bigger than the finish size of the dome cover. place it and mound it the required size and shape, let it set and then gently file and sand it down the final size. To get the height I placed a 6" steel rule lengthways along the top from the chimney cap too the safety valves, the top of the dome should be on a level with the chimney and safety valves. This is the first one I did what do you think? And the second one, since finished. many regard Chris


    Hey up chaps, here we have a pair of Dapol kits both are finished apart from painting. one being a 9F and other 4mt which will be couple with Mainline tender as the one from the kit didnt go together too well.
  4. thanks for the replies guys. I have got a copy of "The heyday of the class 40s" by gavin morrison so that should help somewhat. I havent decided on any one engine yet, Im just going to get the chassis up to scratch. and Im looking for a body that I can repaint into full BR Green without the warning panels. many regards Chris
  5. howdo fellas, Ive just ordered a Craftman Class 40 detailing kit (DK 32) I wondered if any of you have had any experience of it, and what were your thoughts and advice. Its due to be sent off on tuesday . regards Chris.
  6. hello Folks, here we have the new boy in blue, one EE type 4, I was going to paint her (or rather him ) into BR Green, but Ive decided against the matter due to its excellent condtion. also we have a BR type 2, which I absent mindedly painted into black only when it was too late did one realize.... oh.... damn. but never fear because I have a cunning plan MMMMAAAAHHHHAAAA Im going to do her in fragonset livery. here we have two EE giants, now a question, as you can see their both lacking in the bufferbeam detail. Now I know there are loads of kits on the market but which is the best. also Im going to York on sunday or monday. cheer in advance. many regards Chris
  7. thanks guys, Ive got it all built, theres just a few twicking job to do. I should have some more photos next weekend. many regards Chris
  8. hey up old man, how are you? lovin the photo cracked me up.lol regards Chris

  9. Hello Pals, Ive finally got some stuff primered and painted. 1. a older Hornby A3 Ex 4472, primered and the black on the cab roof and smokebox. tender top and frontplate blacked. Im a little unsure as to what colour I should paint her, Brunswick green or the Express Blue. thoughts, ideas ??? Also the start of my diesel fleet, all primered. Two Hornby Type 4s One Hornby Type 3 and the K3 has regained some of its former dignity. Many regards Chris P.s going to buy some colours tomorrow.yippee.
  10. Hey up, mate, Firstly I cut off the cab and running board below and sliced the firebox off up to the second cladding band also the piece of running board. replaced the cab and filled in where the second slasher was with thin card , also used part of the middle slasher for the rear drivers, used liquid poly thoughout. hope this helps if not give us a shout. Im a little unsure as how to retrieve the previous thread. many regards Chris
  11. Hi Folks, Some of you may remeber that on the old site I started a D16 bash using an older B12 body and chassis. well Ive made some progress using the locomotive body but using a Dapol 2P chassis and tender drive ( I know it not Ideal ). Im using an LNER group standard tender now weather the D16 ran with these Im unsure maybe some of will know if so give use shout, but anyway its the only suitable tender I have that the drive will fit in. This is a photo of it just placed together, what are your opinons many regards Chris
  12. Wow this is pretty damned exellent, keep up the great work. many regards Chris
  13. Hello mate, nice to meet you.

  14. Hello Chaps, I hope you are all well, Im very pleased to say that Eric treacy has passed her hydraulic test last week, with flying colour so we are very happy. we hope to have it in steam within a fortnight, hopefully. now with regards the layout Ive layed the track and ballasted one siding, Im using ash out of a wood burning stove, which is as it turn to powder I will get some photos later if I can find the camera. with many regards Chris
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