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  1. interesting, i had the same thoughts, but my committee decided to go on the safe side
  2. you will find it difficult to get a straight answer, as the advise is confusing and contradictory. From what I found out, you have to create a “covid safe environment”. Basically, you have to arrange the venue for social distancing, and provide lots of reminders in the form of notices, we also had a cleaning list that was completed on opening the club rooms, things like cleaning door handles . I say all this in a past sense, we went from tier 1 to 3 and then last week 4, hope this helps
  3. i am not going to argue, or quote on the subject anymore, until i find somebody with authority that can say yes or no, and the outcome is safe for those involved, its not in my nature to argue on a subject that i know little about. Lets just put faith in the boffins to sort out this mess
  4. This is where the rules are confusing, as ever!, my interpretation of them is this. If you can keep people 2m apart, then the 6 in a group rule doesn't come into play. think of it like this, pubs and restaurants have multiple tables, and as long as they can keep them apart, or put up a physical barrier, then they can entertain as many groups of 6 upto the capacity of the venue. I'm still mystified by it myself, just trying to find if there is an advisory body that you can run your case past
  5. we had a committee meeting earlier, and decided to go down the route of been "a covid safe environment" this means we have to have a risk assessment, covid policy, and also enforce social distancing at all times, basically, we see the rule (and they are bloody confusing to say the least) that if the national social distancing rules are followed, you can do what you want. we are going to address this by dividing the club room into 2m squares, and only one person will occupy a square at a time, face coverings will be compulsory, this is to limit contaminating surfaces. It looks like this
  6. the second paragraph is worth a look at If partaking in permitted activities users of COVID-19 secure community facilities should limit their social interactions with anyone they do not live with. Whilst activities may have 6 or more people participating (where it is safe to do so and capacity permits) it is important for all parties to maintain socially distant, 2 metres or 1 metre with actions taken to reduce the risk of transmission (where 2 metres is not viable) between households. For example, use of face coverings and encouraging good hand hygiene on entering premises
  7. we moved out of a community center in February, where we had a small room, not more than a storage room, and if we where still there we would not be able to open at all. We now have a spacious room and can't use it to its full potential !
  8. My interpretation is, keep 2metres apart or 1 metre with face coverings, and have a covid policy, and you are ok, an my club (Cradley heath) have done that from when we reopened, last month, we do have one thing on our side, space
  9. here's the relevant information, as confusing as ever "From 14 September, whether indoors or outdoors people from different households must not meet in groups of more than 6. This limit does not apply to meetings of a single household group or support bubble which is more than 6 people. Community facilities following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host more than 6 people in total, but no one should visit or socialise in a group of greater than 6. Further information on social contact rules, social distancing and the exemptions that exist can be found on the guidance on meeting with
  10. That is my interpretation of the ruling, if there is organized distancing control then you are ok, ....no raves best cancel the strippers then
  11. I have posted elsewhere on this topic, but what are other clubs opinions on reopening, after the changes on the 14th of this month ?
  12. We, Cradley heath model railway club, after signing a lease on much bigger club rooms at the beginning of February, have just started to meet having drawn up a covid policy based on a risk assessment. We are now looking at the guidelines closely and we came across this statement “From 14 September, whether indoors or outdoors people from different households must not meet in groups of more than 6. This limit does not apply to meetings of a single household group or support bubble which is more than 6 people. Community facilities following COVID-19 secure guidelines can host more th
  13. nice to meet you again, I have not posted on this forum for some time, but, decided to have a look round this morning and spotted the alert. Bridge of Orchy, now there's a story, I got it as far as the testing stage, and found out how impractical the circular boards were. I eventually scrapped it, and started again with more conventional boards, and got the track to quite an advanced stage, then I got distracted, and built a OO gauge Black country cameo, and an O-9 15” pizza layout, I shall be getting back to BoO in the near future.
  14. Hi Bod, that's going back a bit!, from what I remember I would have chamfered the edges with a wood plane, then sanded them smooth, splintering not been too much of an issue as it was all covered up in masking tape after, hope this helps. Nice project by the way
  15. Cradley heath model railway club Hi all, some of you may of seen an entry in some of the magazine events listings for an open day on the 15th of March, unfortunately, due to a rapid change of circumstances, mainly due to the club moving premises, we have had to postpone this event until further notice. Cradley heath model railway club apologies for any inconvenience caused, and hope we can get the message out before the date, please spread the word. Our next planed event is our annual exhibition on the 10th of October 2020 at Ormiston Academy Cradley heath Thanks Gary Hinson Chairman
  16. Hi all On the 06/02/2020, Cradley Heath Model Railway club were pleased to signed a lease for what will be our new club rooms. This closes a chapter for the club, but opens up a, new exciting one. Our old space was around 320 square feet, the new rooms will be 3100 square feet!. The place at the moment is a disused factory unit, and it is the clubs job to convert it into a space that will accommodate us, within the clubs capability, this means the next few months are going to be hard work. We move from cramped conditions at Cradley Heath Community Centre, which have restricted the
  17. hi all, just to add a few snaps from the day, and to thanks everyone who exhibited or attended. The show is to be featured on the BBC Midlands addition of "Inside out" on the 21/10/19 at 19.30
  18. its about 15 mins walk from Cradley Heath and about the same from Old hill, or you could use the X10 bus from Cradley heath station, it stops right outside the venue https://nxbus.co.uk/files/NX-West-Midlands/current_timetables/2019-Timetables/1st-Sept-2019/bX10_010919.pdf
  19. yet another star layout we have the pleasure of hosting, Bicsdale, by Gwynne and John Chivers, photo courtesy of Chris Nevard ( Nevardmedia)
  20. yes with other good layouts, we have Chris Nevard with Brew Street attending, as well as the popular "Campbell quarry" by the multi award winning, multi national, multi publish mechanical genius, John Campbell !
  21. Hi all, with added scales and gauges Fair T'midlin John Collins ??? Ryburgh Nick Pallette 00 St Frazel d'Ardeche Piers Milne Nm Brew Street Chris Nevard 00 Todmorton Ed Purcell N Boston Creek Paul Challenor Awdry St Nicolas Mac Strong 00 Ballygornal Jcn. Ned Williams 0 The Falls John Eaglesfield 00-9 Farbine Road WRD Neil Woodbine 00 Bicsdale
  22. Hi again, here is a full listing of layouts attending Fair T'midlin John Collins Ryburgh Nick Pallette St Frazel d'Ardeche Piers Milne Brew Street Chris Nevard Todmorton Ed Purcell Boston Creek Paul Challenor Awdry St Nicolas Mac Strong Ballygornal Jcn. Ned Williams The Falls John Eaglesfield Farbine Road WRD Neil Woodbine Bicsdale
  23. Cradley Heath Model railway club, present its 7th annual show. we try our best to put on a good show and we have gained the reputation of throwing up a few surprise exhibits. A full list of exhibits to follow, but we have bacon butties and CAKE!, as well as a few layouts and traders, more information to follow, watch this space
  24. Hi


    It looks like you were trying to contact me, but your message has disappeared, if it is still relevant please contact me at [email protected]





  25. Just about to head off, to Cradley heath community centre to help convert it into a model railway show, the weather looks good for those of us on carpark duty tomorrow. Just to add, we also have a mega club pre owned sale and cake !
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