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  1. Hoping all' s well with you & yours, Dave!

  2. I have had some thoughts but it is a job for this weekend. I'll get my pencils and doodling pad out! Some creativity is necessary
  3. Ha ha great and nice and healthy too. I will convert all these folk yet!
  4. That is a great start. Pleased to hear that those devious diesels have been chugging backwards and forwards already. I think that's a fantastic idea with the interchangeable buildings for 4mm and then 7mm scale narrow gauge. I have always been fascinated with multi-era and multi-location layouts with the clever use of different structures, vehicles and other scenic items, it can be a really good idea. It can hugely increase the flexibility and operational potential of even the smallest layout and I think it works best for micro-layouts where you could model multiple eras/settings using minimal stock. Your idea takes this concept one step further and it will be fascinating to see how you approach the idea! Really looking forward to following your progress. Dave
  5. Thanks Rob, you're right there. I just wish I could be as productive as yourself! Ah you see, that is the power of the BCC's subliminal advertising!!
  6. Thanks! You're right, getting track down feels like a real positive and I always think that getting a little bit of greenery planted and some buildings mocked up quickly starts to bring a scene to life.
  7. Excellent start Johna. These kind of projects are great - low cost, compact, manageable and achievable - and are also a way of practising skills and techniques. I will be following your progress with interest! Dave
  8. Made some canny progress over the last week or so. The track has now been laid, wired, painted, ballasted and weathered. I've strengthened around the hinged baseboard joint by adding PCB sleepers and soldering the rails to it. I might hide this with some kind of barrow crossing to make it a little more inconspicuous. Also been experimenting with the traverser/cassette contraption. It is not the most highly engineered piece of kit - bit of a bodge to be honest from ply, foamboard, aluminium angle and a some small offcuts of other wood - but it seems like it might do the job. Need to have a think about the buildings next. I have explained a little more about the basis/setting for the layout and there will be a few factory buildings needing to be constructed. The use of a pipe gantry for a scenic break seems to have got the thumbs up, so I think I will run with that idea.
  9. Definitely! My thoughts have been preoccupied with ideas about logos and branding!
  10. Rob/Mike, Great to hear that Sheep Lane is going to a new home and even better that it is going to be residing with Mike and will be doing the rounds in the North East. It is in a very safe pair of hands and I am really pleased that I will get to see it now without travelling to the deep south! As I have said before, your wonderful work has inspired me to get back into modelling, and for that I am very grateful. Looking forward to seeing the layout later in the year. David
  11. Thanks for you kind comments guys. It's all a flight of fancy and a product of my overactive imagination but there's nowt wrong with a little dreaming after all! Rob, the jokes write themselves! Hopefully my 'history' will pull the wool over some people's eyes (see what I did there!!)
  12. I said I would explain a little more about the background and premise for this diorama and the proposed 'proper' layout to follow. So welcome to my fantasy world...... In the aftermath of the Second World War, the Labour government was keen to promote the health and well-being of the country by ensuring that the population was eating well. Years of rationing were gradually coming to an end and the politicians wanted to improve the diet and nutrition of the nation, particularly for children and young people. As part of this, it is a little known fact that amongst the various organisations nationalised in the late 1940s, Clement Attlees' Labour government set up the British Cereal Corporation (or BCC) in 1948. This brought together numerous organisations into a collective nationalised group, providing cereals to the nation and promoting the importance of breakfast as a start to the day. Factories were established in County Durham and Suffolk, to serve the north and south of the UK, with a number of regional distribution depots also being set up across the country. The BCC gradually grew and expanded with significant investment again being pumped into the collective by the Labour administration of the mid-1960s under Harold Wilson. The factories had their own internal rail systems and each of the distribution depots were served by private sidings. A number of second-hand locomotives were acquired by the BCC when it was established, mainly ex-WD austerity tank locomotives but also some locos of earlier vintage from various sources. In the early 1960s, a handful of new Ruston diesel shunters were bought to supplement and gradually replace the steam locomotives as and when they became life-expired. Despite this, many of the sites continued to operate steam locomotives into the early 1970s, with the last examples only being withdrawn in 1977 after spending the last couple of years as spare locomotives. Some internal user rolling stock was used at various locations, assisting with the day-to-day operation of the sites. The finished cereal products were usually loaded into standard BR vans and transported to exchange sidings for onward distribution throughout the UK. As I said, it is this concept that will provide the basis for my layout. I intend to model one of the distribution depots on a larger scale in due course; the timeframe for modelling will be the late 1960s and early 1970s, after the end of mainline steam but with industrial steam still being very much in evidence. At the moment I am I drawing up ideas for that, as well as very slowly building and acquiring stock for the project. However, for the time being, this micro-layout will capture a tiny corner of one depot and allow me to practice my skills and modelling techniques. The working title at the moment is 'Cereal Sidings'
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