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  1. Thanks very much, that chimes with my observations.
  2. One for the far more learned fellows than me.... When was the 'COAL' boxed label introduced on 16 tonners? From perusing Paul Bartlett's website, it would seem to be mid-60s?
  3. Yes. In fairness to Bachmann, they have done wonders for 009. Along with Peco and Heljan. As you rightly point out, I think they have enough Irons in the fire. There's seems to be very little available in N Gauge at the moment. So I don't think Farish would have capacity to stretch themselves across another scale. I'm always shocked by how little N Gauge is actually in stock at the major box-shifters.
  4. I completely agree with you. We probably would have had the 31 by now if Heljan had pressed on. Choice and competition in the market can only be a good thing. Just see N Gauge... Dapol, Revolution and others getting involved has kept Farish on their toes, and I would say drive up the standard and quality of their products.
  5. Thanks very much, that's fantastic 👍🏽 They're great! Exactly the kind of thing I'm after. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it 🙂
  6. Possibly a minefield of a question, but we're 16t minerals in widespread use by the NCB? And if so, was it concentrated on certain pits and/or collieries, and was it only when they were decommissioned by BR and therefore available secondhand? I see Bachmann, Accuruscale and Farish have all done various runs (or will) of NCB liveried 16 tonners, but I've rarely seen photos of them. I appreciate this may be an unanswerable question, so please just tell me if it is! PS - like these: https://railsofsheffield.com/products/16t-mineral-wagon-ex-br-ncb
  7. I think that's a problem for many of us Keith. I'm a narrow gauge modeller, but I fancy trying a small standard gauge project. I'm currently weighing up whether to go N Gauge or TT120, and it's really hard to make a decision. I think I'd almost certainly go TT if there was slightly more available. So I'm contemplating hanging fire 6 months or so to see what the situation is. What did Oscar Wilde say? "I can resist anything but temptation" 😜 This sounds like a slippery slope.... 😂 I've pre-ordered a green one. I've never pre-ordered anything in my life before...
  8. I also wonder when the first kit manufacturer might get involved with some injection moulded wagon kits? It might be that they feel there isn't the market for it, but I for one would love it if someone did.
  9. I echo similar thoughts. Using existing CAD designs seems very sensible. I hope Peco do come forward with more. I've taken the plunge and pre-ordered a green Class 08. At the moment, there's nothing really to run with it. Only time will tell if we get more suitable wagons, but a 16t mineral, a standard BR planked/plywood van, a conflat, and a 13t steel open would seem safe bets. Patience is going to have to be a virtue for everyone however, as I cannot see anything moving quickly.
  10. I've already started saving my pennies 😊
  11. That's football... In 1993 Frank Rijkaard also had a perfectly good goal wrongly disallowed. We often remember things by how they are framed in the mass media. I hate to say it, and absolutely dread the aftermath, but it just seems England are destined to win this tournament. Cue mass jingoism, bare chests, Neil Diamond, and drunken nonsense. Urg...
  12. Em, I seem to remember Harry Kane diving to win a penalty in the semi final of the last Euros... Cheating Denmark. Swings and roundabouts my friend... I hope Spain give England their comeuppance on Sunday! 😜
  13. It seems a strange programme. I'd have imagined 37, 47, and 31 would be easy wins alongside the 08, nd perhaps 03. The longevity and sheer number of liveries guarantee sales. Add in some mk.1s, then a 16t mineral, a standard 12t planked/plywood van, and a couple of other standard wagon types that could cover the '50s to early '80s - a conflat, a tank wagon etc - and you've got the basis of coherent range. Similarly, stock and a couple of locos to do a steam era layout... Perhaps a 57xx and a 14xx, autocoach, and some GWR wagons. At the moment, you just cannot acquire the stock to make a small shunting layout or branch terminus. Is that unfair? Just look at RM Web... They're the cornerstone of our hobby. Then again, I'll accept I'm just a lay person, so am probably completely naive!
  14. Thank you so much! This is information is an absolute goldmine. I'm really grateful. I'm also rather heartened by the positivity of it. The class 31 is the gamechanger for me... I'll make sure I get a preorder in as soon as it goes live. Based on your info, another year or so and we might get something a bit more concrete. I'm pleased I'm not the only one who's after an 08! Thanks. I've found the DCC fitted ones, but I'm sticking to plain old DC. I'll have to keep an eye out on eBay for one of them coming up. Thanks. It's probably a longshot, but I'll give Malc's Models a ring.
  15. Thanks, that's really helpful. I'll rejoin!
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