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  1. And your replacement has been checked over by me and is sat waiting for UPS to collect Many Thanks Stuart
  2. Good news as no.9400 steams into Locomotion tomorrow, ready for deliveries to commence next week. Everyone who has pre-ordered should have received an email with instructions on how to pay their balance today.
  3. We are pleased to say that the Class 33 is now available to buy via http://www.locomotionmodels.com/exclusive-models/diesel-and-electric-models/class-33-33116-hertfordshire-rail-tours.htm please note that price is now £139 plus postage. Kind Regards Stuart
  4. Hi Paul the class 66 should be delivered today (this only because the last few days has been spent inputting all the data for the addresses for the single orders) , and the red frame city will be tomorrow as I just ran out of time late yesterday to get them ones out. Regards Stuart
  5. HI Leen, I've sent you an email this morning with details and yes fortunatley the only deliveries that are getting affected are the Stirling singles, all the 3717 City of Truro models left yesterday and the Red frame 3440 City of Truro will be leaving site today. Any problems just let me know and I can deel with them as soon as possible. Regards Stuart
  6. Update on Stirling Single We truly appreciate your patience on the delivery of the Stirling single, this is due to a problem with our fulfilment company. The models have now been retuned direct to us and we are working as fast as possible to get all deliveries from the last 3 weeks out to customers this week. Regards Stuart
  7. Kym I sent you a PM about this before I sent the emails back Regards Stuart
  8. That I would enjoy as I do enjoy a nice single malt or two.....
  9. Quick update, if there is any customers out there who still have extra models and APC have been in touch or not been in touch can you drop either myself or Tom Mackie SMG or locomotionmodels a PM with your name and details and we can sort it out. Regards Stuart
  10. I managed to get all paid in full non-uk Silent models out for delivery yesterday which was done another site away from my office and took the best part of three days and I’ve started on the batch of sound fitted models today which will leave me at the latest on Tuesday. All uk orders from the last two weeks should be sent out by our courier this week. Regards Stuart
  11. BTW there is not just coaches to go behind the single that is on our wishlist. And the national collection is more that just steam and diesel locos and we do have some very interesting ideas for the coming years. One thing that I would like to gauge some interest in is the possibilty of buildings as part of the collection but the only buildings that I have come up with at the moment are some of our historic buildings on site at Locomotion such as the coal drops or soho house where Timothy Hackworth lived. Regards Stuart
  12. An update as such is that the problems with the UK delivery only affected half of the batch of Silent models, which I know is not what we wanted to happen at all and I do apologise for the delay in getting back to all customers affected and this has understandably caused me to postpone sending out international ones until later this week, which I aim to start sending out from Wednesday. Tom will be on site with me at Locomotion tomorrow and I know he has been in constant contact with the couriers in sorting out the error that occurred. Regards Stuart
  13. At least im enjoying the nice weather and real ale whilst sat in the garden whilst trying to sort it out as best as I can do.
  14. Firstly we would like to thank everyone for their patience & understanding in the fulfilment of orders for Stirling Single. We are fully aware of the issues experienced with some of our loyal customers receiving duplicate orders which has been caused during upload of all details into the fulfilment system. We are working tirelessly with them to rectify this issue and have all information on which customers have been sent or received duplicate orders and if needed we will be contact them in due course, we can only apologise for this error happening with what we think is our best model yet! Due to the high number of calls we are receiving you may see a delay in these been answered but we have added extra staff in to support us during this busy period for Locomotion Models. Please be rest assured we have enough models to fulfil all pre orders and we will have further info overnight from our fulfilment provider once POD for models have come through the system and we can identify which customers haven’t received there order. We do hope that once you receive your order you will be very impressed and happy with the final model. Cheers Locomotion Models
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