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  1. looks a decent job well done so far , are you going to vary the seacows weathering
  2. Firstly id to say a big thankyou to the organisers , traders and exhibitors for once again putting on a good show. the quality of the layouts were all superb and a inspiration to us all. i usually go every year on the saturday. the only observation i would make is that the queues didnt seem as long as previous years. But by dinner time the show had filled up nicely .
  3. Excellent layouts today for all eras and scales.
  4. Well i used to live just of Sober Hall, now im about 500 yrds of dinsdale station.
  5. Small world or should i say large toy town in Ingleby B I have often thought Eaglescliffe would be a good model. Though Yarm viaduct would be a challenge.
  6. I live just off middleton lane. towards the one Row From Whitby on the coast originally Just moved here from ingleby Barwick Eventually il get round to doing a layout, got a average size bedroom to play with .
  7. Im a keen walker too, LDWA ! tho not up to the 100 milers. Like astronomy from the Halley comet era. Nice to see like minded people on here. Im a keen walker too, LDWA ! tho not up to the 100 milers. Like astronomy from the Halley comet era. Nice to see like minded people on here.
  8. Well im from middleton St george ! Good luck on your layout .
  9. May seem an obvious question. With the insulating foam did you just cover it over with the DAS clay. Looks the business .
  10. Aye, very well done. Can we please have some more threads like this !
  11. I recently have bought a old Triang Dock Shunter. Whilst the loco still moves it requires a good clean up. The chassis and motor are black quite literally. I have tried a fibre glass pan, which was not a success. Therefore i would welcome any advice on the best way to clean it up thoroughly. Once i have got it cleaned up how /where do i oil etc. Plus any tips on how to keep these little motors working. Cheers, in advance.
  12. The best thing about RMWeb is everyone on here enjoys the hobby. The worst thing is i have too little time to read everything of interest posted on here. Seriously the layouts are inspriation to me. keep up the good work
  13. Agree with fellow posters, its the time to be frugal when planning anything these days. There used to be a thread on here about how to model on the cheap, with tips and ideas. Is it still going on. There are few i admit few and far between bargains on ebay. Personally i go to toy fairs where you can pick up some good models quite reasonable too. Last year got a immaculate dark green Hornby 9F for under £30 unboxed as an example, If a model is a few years old , does it really matter. like a car aslong as it goes , will anyone be bothered with detail, if pulling a rake of coaches round your layout. Its not what you spend on the hobby but what you get out of it, i find.
  14. Surely it makes sense for Hornby to do whatever it thinks best to survive as a business. Every customer has different ideas and a budget as to what Hornby should be doing. I suspect if you were the powers that be at Hornby, You would not do things any better or worse than they do. If it keeps the balance sheet happy. Lets have some cheap and cheerful models. Big black ugly locos that go choo choo and clickety clack. I would sell snow to the penquins, if they bought it . These days, not everyone can afford expensive detailed limited editions. Credit to Hornby or any retailer for been realistic these days.
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