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  1. have a look here at post #4 https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/141768-hornbyairfix-12t-van-chassis/
  2. Have a look at the Bachmann Mini Long coupler 36-026
  3. I have a lot of Dapol wagons and agree about the floppy couplings being a problem, the hooks can also fall out at awkward moments. The original tension lock had rigid bars, any flexibility needed came from the hook so I tried some mods on a Dapol wagon. I first made a height above rail gauge, I think the top of the coupler bar should be 8.5mm above rail top plus or minus 0.2mm. I then glued a 5mm spacer between the top of the coupling box and the chassis. This gives a bar height of almost 8.5mm and removed all the vertical flop. There is still a little side to side movement but that can be cured with a little rubber cement. To cure the loose coupling hooks I glued and trimmed a short length of 4x1mm Evergreen strip to the top of the coupling so the hook still moves freely but can't pop out. After so many decades why have manufacturers failed to adopt standards for the profiles of the coupler bar and hook? 5mm spacer between top of coupler box and chassis plus 4x1mm strip added to top of coupler flush with box the finished job
  4. OK, sorry, I should have said easily removeable roofs. My latest Bachmanns have the sides moulded with the roofs and you have to cut the pipework on the end to get the roof/side off, even then they are not designed for easy removing. The latest Hornbys have the roof and sides as one moulding with the ends attached and they are easier to remove. I am interested in Corridor Brakes for use in a remote vehicle mounted uncoupling system which raises the hook on a tension lock coupler anywhere on the layout and at an operating distance of up to 15 feet without precise positioning of the vehicle. My eyes are not what they used to be!. The system (if it works) will use a servo or actuator to raise the hook controlled by radio and battery powered. I need easy access to replace the battery unless I install onboard charging. After the project is finished there will be perhaps 6 semi fixed rakes with converted brakes plus others for local and parcel trains. The local non corridor and excursion train can use Dapol coaches and the roofs come off
  5. Are there any 00 scale MK1 coach models out there that have removeable roofs?
  6. I just noticed their website is no longer available, just when I was thinking of purchasing some BCK Mk1's
  7. Look at these, Micron Radio Control specialises in RC but as far as I understand, a servo is a servo and as long as the correct voltage is applied the control signal is the same http://www.micronradiocontrol.co.uk/servo.html
  8. It confuses me too. I have 3 hygrometers and just checked them. Here in the lounge it is 18.6C and 35%. The conservatory is 7.9C and 69%, the railway shed with dehumidifier and frost protection fan heater is 10C and 49%, the local weather forecast has it 0C and 89%. The relative humidity can vary a lot with temperature change. Maybe your garage has so many drafts the air in there is essentially the same as the air outside? edit - I just breathed on the lounge meter 3 times and it jumped to 36% and went back to 35% a minute later
  9. What sort of dehumidifier is it? Desiccating or compressor? I have been running my desiccating humidifier for a couple of weeks now and the humidity varies between 47 and 51 percent with a daily water output of about 400ml. I don't know if this is normal but that 3-4mm crack at the top of the wall insulation on one wall worried me All the wall insulation is combined moisture barrier/insulation/ plasterboard on battens. I filled that crack yesterday, a fun job involving various tools taped to a broomstick handle because the layout was in the way. I await the daily water output reading with interest!
  10. The cable appears to be half inch diameter armoured so is it 1.5mm squared wire?
  11. Things can get complicated, he is no longer in the land of the living. My memory is returning, back when I had 2 gaugemaster controllers the trains used to slow down slightly when the 2kw heater kicked in
  12. 8 years ago and yes, humidity up to 85% which is why I recently acquired a dehumidifier. humidity now 50%. The sockets are 2 double boxes screwed to a wooden back panel
  13. An interesting and slightly worrying topic as i have experienced hot plugs as well In my case the power supply to the outbuilding is about 20 metres of half inch? diameter armoured cable, partly buried and partly attached to a wall. there are consumer units at each end. I have an old 2Kw dimplex fan heater which I use for heating. When used at 2Kw the plug gets hot. At 1Kw the plug gets warm. After reading this topic I wondered if the problem was the socket mounted thermostat so I switched on the heater this morning using another socket for 1 hour at 2Kw HOT. So it is not the thermostat. I have a new dimplex fan heater used in the conservatory so I tried that for an hour at 2Kw and the plug got hot but not as hot as the old heater. A test at 1Kw had the plug getting warm. As a hoped for fix I intend to use the new dimplex at 1Kw with frost protection and remove the socket thermostat. however it would be good to know what the problem is. Could it be that the wiring can't handle 2Kw? It was professionally installed. I have searched on line but the information just confuses me The power consumption out there could now be a 1Kw heater plus a 300 Watt dehumidifier(occassionaly) and 2 long flourescent tubes and 4x25 watt daylight energy saving bulbs. No power for the layout as it is radio control battery power.
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