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  1. So have finished off 66731 Capt Tom Moore..... I have done this to sell and ALL the proceeds from this sale will be donated to the NHS and i'm pleased to say that the item fetched £200 which will be winging it off to their fund .... its not much but its my way of saying Thank You NHS.
  2. A trio of Large Logo Class 47s finished today - 47341 - as far as i can tell the only 47/3 to wear Large Logo (suspect im wrong), 47541 The Queen Mother with Highland Stag Logo and Black Marker Light Surrounds and finally 47617 University of Stirling again with Black Marker Light Surrounds but also with the Black around the windows wrapped round further as per prototype.
  3. Not updated for a few days but rest assured am still busily beavering away on a multitude of projects ....... A pair of Large Logo 56s - 56124 & 56133, 47632 in Large Logo, Greater Anglia Class 90, A pair of Network Rail Class 66s, A Network Rail Class 68, Fertis Liveried Class 58, Grand Central Class 66 anyone ?? Cappagh Liveried Class 60 60028, Infrastructure Class 47 47803, Now then did anyone guess this one .... the oddball that is 47525 part repainted into RfD Livery whilst still retaining Inter City on the main bodysides ......and finally a Thumper Centre Coach in NSE.... Also finished 37320 in Large Logo Livery with dark grey roof as pr Motherwell Depot Specs.. Fitted with working Scottish Region Headlamp ... This one is for sale - PM me if interested. Ben
  4. Yes mate - pick out all those details when re-assembling ....... Watch this space .....
  5. Yes I know 541 had a blue roof ......... will be amended - mis read the light on a picture and thought it was grey with lots of dirt ......
  6. Some lovely Large Logo 47s have had transfers put on them today ... 47341, 47541 The Queen Mother and 47617 University of Stirling .... These will all be for sale so PM me if interested. All brand new latest 21 pin DCC Ready models.... Just detailing to pick out and then nicely weather to give an everyday appearance .....
  7. I really you dont have then at all with good masking tape but sadly sometimes it happens. I use a small make up style brush to gently blend the original colour back in and normally once Gloss Varnish goes on, will ensure that this isnt noticeable..... the other option is when you remove masking tape - if you use cocktail stick it will remove the paint if it isnt fully dried so you can 'rub off' the bleed.... Hope that helps.... Ben
  8. 68698 - its a special commission for a customer ....... it will be named Oliver Cromwell Ben
  9. The fruits of the last couple of days labour ..... Capt Tom is nearly painted, pair of Virgin Class 90s all done and ready for transfers, a pair of Railfreight Class 47s at the same stage, Large Logo Class 68 anybody ?? And the more traditional Class 47 in the same livery, West Coast Pullman Class 57, Cappagh Liveried Class 60, Greater Anglia Class 90, Inter City Mainline Class 87, good old BR Blue Class 81 and finally an original Railfreight Class 37/5....
  10. I've done 550 a few times in the past and like 517 I always do it with a blue roof heavily weathered ......
  11. Another busy day painting has seen progress as follows : Class 150/1 in Northern Livery, Can anyone guess what this one is yet ??? Bachmann Class 90 in Greater Anglia Livery, Capt Tom ....., Cappagh Liveried Class 60, West Coast Pullman Liveried Class 57/6 and finally for today Bachmann Class 47 - 47060 Halewood Silver Jubilee in Triple Grey Livery
  12. Having a very mellow yellow day today ..... lots of Warning Panel Yellow has seen progress on the following ..... 90029 in Grand Central Livery, 90011 & 90013 in Virgin Livery, 87026 & 87033 in their different flavours of Executive Livery, 60087 in Triple Grey Livery, 47803 in Infrastructure Livery, 47016 & 47214 in different variants of Railfreight Livery, 57312 in ROG Livery, 37513 in Railfreight Livery and finally what will 68698 in Large Logo Livery .....
  13. Painted the depot interior ready for fixing ......
  14. Busy few days ..... in between the sun ...... a quartet of Large Logo McDuffs, Sector Liveried Class 60, Progress on Capt Tom, Greater Anglia Class 156, WCRC Pullman Liveried 57601, Any clues on this 47 ?? Inter City Liveried Class 47 and Greater Anglia Class 90 .... and and today primed this APT to go into Network Rail .........
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