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  1. HI there John - may be the light but i used a light grey on them which my source told me is what the official colour is .... but all the pictures i see show them looking different shades depending on the picture ......... For Northern Belle shade I use Pullman umber with a drop of Rail Red in it .... and mix accordingly .....
  2. So the week of the Manchester Show has arrived and im busy finishing off things to hopefully tempt the general public with on Saturday ....... transfers have gone on 37081 in BR Blue with White Stripe, a trio of Class 47s that are still running on the rails today - 47593 Galloway Princess in Large Logo, 47614 in BR Blue and 47749 in BR Blue with GBRf branding and finally 60046 William Wilberforce in DCR Rail Grey ......
  3. Well there you go ..... picked up a few body shells recently and just thought ..... why not .....
  4. I use Superstrip from Phoenix - its pricey but well worth it ......
  5. Long time customer of mine wanted one doing as he modelled that period and region. So had custom made transfers done for it and renumbered it ..... Odd looking things these american locos ..... lol
  6. Im going to assist / hinder Steve Lindley on his Cheadle Ridge Lane Layout - will also be exhibiting as Bens Resprays so will be bringing along a few goodies to sell on the day and also be happy to talk to folks about my work and what i can offer as well as bringing along my portfolio. Feel free to stop by and say hello and obviously look at all the wonderful layouts on display at the show. Ben
  7. Thank you and thank you for providing them ..... yours won't be too far away ...... Just need to order transfers as they are all painted and will be varnished tomorrow
  8. Update 2 - completed models ... A Southern Region flavour to start with - Hornby 09 in BR Blue livery and a Dapol Class 73 in Early Revised BR Blue Livery.... then a couple of 50s - D400 in early 90s BR Blue and finally 50031 Hood in Inter City Swallow Livery ..
  9. Update 1 - a few things progressing on an ever increasing workbench .... Network Rail Class 68 and 37/97, Large Logo Class 37s and 47s, a ROG Class 47, an ex DRS Class 90 now with DB Schenker Logos and finally a couple of the latest 60s - 60046 in DCR Grey and 60026 in Beacon Rail Blue
  10. Yes Paul - picked them up from Brian @ Shawplan ..... watch this space ......
  11. A busy time putting lots of transfers on lots of locos ...... Fictional Strathclyde PTE Class 150, Revised BR Blue Class 73, DRS Fade Away Class 57303, Inter City ScotRail Class 47 47642 and finally GWR Green 57602 ......
  12. Lots of painting on the workbench atm - starting with this big boy - a Heljan Class 25 which has had the gangway doors removed and is going from Green to BR Blue, West Coast Pullman Class 57s - 57601 & 57313 and a fictional Northern Belle Class 68, a COLAS Class 68, a pair of Trainload Class 50s, Greater Anglia Class 90, Inter City Swallow Observation Saloon and finally for now, an Inter City Executive HST....
  13. Mainly a transfer kinda day but did finish off painting what will come 56091 in DCR Livery.... Aside from that Transfers have gone on - 09011 in BR Blue, 08834 in DRS Livery, 47609 and D400 in BR Blue, 37358 in Revised Large Logo Livery,37183 in Large Logo Livery and finally this oddity ... and American HO G9 which has been rebranded into L&N Livery .........
  14. HI there - can anyone remind me who manufactures the replacement steps for the Hornby Class 50 that fit to the cab fronts over the buffers. Cheers Ben
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