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  1. Nice are those renumbered ??? Got a fair bit on the bench atm so trying to batch paint when I can saves time and money cleaning airbrushes ......... Lovely stuff as always Jerry Ben
  2. Aha .... ironically I've got 2 of 041 to do ..... weird how its seems not only us doing the same things but people also after the same things ..... Ben
  3. Time Left: 27 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Bachmann 21 pin DCC Ready Class 66 resprayed into DB Cargo Livery with Key Workers Branding Directional and cab lighting Boxed with unopened detailing parts Lightly weathered on the under frames and roof ALL PROCEEDS FROM THIS SALE GO TO THE NHS


  4. Time Left: 27 days and 15 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED - boxed, complete and unmodified

    Brand New 21 pin DCC Ready Bachmann Class 47 resprayed into Large Logo Livery and renumbered to 47641 Fife Region Directional and cab lighting Boxed with unopened detailing pack Weathered to give an everyday appearance Any questions, please ask


  5. You copying me again with the Freightliner green 90 lol ........mines going to be 041 .........
  6. Transfers today ..... a couple of Inverness's finest - 37260 & 37261, quickly followed by one of Tinsley's ... 37128, then WCRC 37676, Railfreight Red Stripe 37002 and then BR Blue 37038. Changing classes next for DB Cargo's 66113 with the Key Workers Branding and finally for today 47600 in Triple Grey Livery ......
  7. Hi jerry - not really ..... people seem to see what I do and then think 'yeah I want one of those' ......... each to their own .... probably not for the purists on here but hey, we are all individuals and I think its actually quite nice to see 'what ifs' ..... Ben
  8. Ok bit off a catch up of the last few days work ..... warning ... some of these may not be for the purists ......... Painting on the following .... Class 47s in ScotRail and Inter City ScotRail, DB Cargo Class 68, ScotRail Class 121, Regional Railways Class 68, 68, 87 an Deltic in Inter CIty Livery, Freightliner Green Class 90, NSE Class 153, a quartet of Triple Grey Class 68s, Network Rail Class 68, Freightliner Orange Class 68, a pair of ROG Class 57/3s, Network Rail Class 37/0, Porterbrook Class 47, Railfreight Grey Class 68, a pair of DRS Class 73s and finally for today all painted and var
  9. A lovely Scottish MacDuff ..... 47546 Aviemore Centre in Large Logo Livery with Highland Rail Motif ..... Cant beat a bit of Scottish action .......
  10. Back on the paint today with a multitude of colour on display ..... firstly a Mk4 DVT in Anglia Blue Torqouise, next a Class 73 in Europhoenix Livery, 47600 in Triple Grey Livery, a Class 47 in Fragonset Livery, NSE Class 153, Railfreight Red Stripe CLass 37/0, another Kestrel in Large Logo Livery, a trio of ScotRail Class 47/7s including 47701 with a flush end, whilst we're on it how about a ScotRail Class 153 and finally an Inter CIty ScotRail Class 47 .....
  11. HI Steve - thanks for your kind words .... yes it seems most liveries can suit most classes ....... just need the imagination .... With regards to the HT Pullman - used Phoenix Precision Pullman Blue ....and with regards to the primer - I use good old Halfords Grey Primer ...
  12. Time Left: 14 days and 20 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • NEW (retail stock)

    Brand new latest release Bachmann Class 40 reworked to 40122 or D200 as she was better known in BR Green with Full Yellow Ends. DCC Ready with Directional Lighting Boxed with unopened detailing pack Any questions, please ask


  13. Transfers today ..... 66113 in DB Cargo with Key Workers Logo, 66001 in Fictional Network Rail Livery, 47519 in its own version of Two Tone Green, 37505 in Original Railfreight Livery, 87006 in the Black prototype Large Logo Livery, 87026 in Inter City Executive and finally 37263 in BR Blue with Stag Logos .....
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