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  1. The Highland in LMS days was quite interesting from the coaching stock point of view, especially in the 20’s. Lots of low grade English companies bogie stock was imported to the Highland to replace the indigenous stock (but didn’t really replace much bogie stock, just the 6 wheelers. Jenks does a lovely review in Railways in Retrospect 2, The Highland in LMS days, the captions are a modellers dream, he explains what the stock is in most photos. You would be surprised what you can run without a single HR vehicle in the train..... Andy g
  2. The LSWR coaches are no-where near HR or LMS ones, and probably too posh for GNoS ones! If you want coaches that are a bit like HR ones at 6foot distance then chopping up triang clerestorys to make Drummond 46 and 48 footers might do. Put an arc roof on them.... Andy g
  3. I remember spending far too much time in A level physics destroying capacitors in class. Connecting up electrolytic the wrong way round and then ramping up the voltage till they let go. Modern ones don’t tend to have much oil in, they mainly expelled ‘fluff’ like a party-popper. I doubt that your caps in that cdu will do much if they are in the wrong way round (as long as they are rated above the voltage you apply to the board), but they may puff out their tops a bit (from flat to dome, but the cans are designed to do this). They will need replacing if they do so. If you followe
  4. Going back to your smokebox door issue, if you can’t get it out, you can just file it flat with the face of the smokebox. To make a new door is not actually that difficult. You need some plasticard and a very technical instrument. A pair of dividers, but with a screw adjuster, so that you can set the pointy legs at the radius you require, and it will stay there. You then just keep turning them round and round on the plasticard and you will have you door blank. The it is just a case of filing the door to the shape you want. Thinking in the back of my mind, is the shape you want lik
  5. The 2P looks at home (l’ve got a triang one to fettle at some point) but that Dukedog is just, how can l put it nicely? Right at home... it pains me to say it though! I suppose it’s a bit like the outside framed Midland Locos that the LMS thought might be good up there, but weren’t. I’m rather glad your Ben builds have stalled, just like mine have. Drawing Jones carriages is sort of getting me fired up again though... Andy G
  6. Dave, l’d much rather build 100 coaches than 1 loco. And that’s with the coaches taking about 60-70 hours a pop to do! Locos, although l like the detailing part, l find so tedious to do, even batch building doesn’t make it any quicker or easier. Although having looked at the bens above, the fact l am getting to the detailed bits, might make me go with them again, but l fear the carriages will have to come first.. Andy
  7. Hi Kevin, Sadly l’ve been off the boil for most of the year, not really doing anything modelling wise since then. The good news is that the urge is coming back, l’m in the middle of drawing up some flat sided Jones carriages to cut. I don’t know if l’ve said it before, but l don’t really like doing Locos, but l really enjoy the carriage building. Andy g
  8. Where do you get the locks from? I’m guessing that they must still be manufactured as they can’t all be secondhand in use on the big railways frames, can they? ta Andy g
  9. I’m looking forward to the locking fitters coming and servicing our trays. We’ll be swapped over to B tray again, with A tray being overhauled. It’s good fun with the fitters about, plenty of bacon butties! Andy G
  10. Could you not have mounted the tray a bit further back Richard? That looks very close to the frame. Ours at Littleport sits back further and is much easier to work on... Andy G
  11. A really good picture of a semaphore, with lots of things to note. Firstly it is off but the lamp is only just showing in the blue spectacle, and the lamp is a proper electric one (note the fresnel lense, oil lamps had plain bullseye’s). I would say it’s about 40* to the horizontal. The fittings on the post are a mix, the ladder, pivot, detector bracket and lamp bracket are all bolted through the post, whereas the weight bar and crank at the bottom are u-bolted on. lt also shows very clearly how the detector is driven off the spectacle plate, just above the blue lense. The spectacle pl
  12. Network rail signal boxes have dumb terminals that run ie9 and the servers they connect to run ie 11. Before the upgrade the site was usable, but with things not visible. After the upgrade it was unusable. I’ve come home and messaged Andy, and he had didn’t realise that ie 9 was still in use (about 0.9 % of computers still run it, so that’s all NR then!). He’s looking into what can be done. Andy G
  13. Narrow the track centres to the correct prototypical spacings, to remove the enormous n gauge track spacing, which will make it look much better straight away. At terminals you will get things like carriage watering hoses and tap stuff with walking routes (either concreted or flattened ashes/clinker/ballast). Most stations will have catchpits for track drainage, and then there could be ground frames for shunt release, s&t troughing routes, point rodding, point machines.... Andy G
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