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  1. The Basils could be used Camb-Norwich, as the crossings that way have treadles afaiaa, and there has been no issues so far (they aren't cleared for working off the OHLE Ely-Cambs yet, so there's no issues with the pans to worry about, and the ETN is mainly axle-counters with tracks/treadles for the crossings. Maybe a couple of wire-linked wire brushes on the guard irons would help? Andy G
  2. I spoke to one of the relief siggys from that way yesterday and its an interesting issue. The crossings on the way to Cromer don't have treadles, nor do they operate on normal track circuits. They apparently operate on 'decreasing voltage' circuits, ie as the train gets closer to the crossing the voltage in the track circuit gets less, finally getting to a critical value when the crossing operates. Now this works very well with the existing units, but it would appear that these are a lot more light footed, and so don't actually get seen all the time by the circuits. 20mph ESRs and local control are the net result of this issue for the minute, which is both expensive and a pain in the Harris for the signalman..... Andy g
  3. The Mirrlees engines developed a range of cracking around the crankcase, which was difficult and costly to repair. These were first noticed on the uprated engines (1600hp iirc and 2000hp) fitted to a few of the brush 2's, and although the originally rated engines hadn't really started to show the same issues, the BRB decided that they would at some point. As they were also a non-standard (ie EE or Sulzer) engine, it was decided to re-engine with something that was bullet proof (the EE lump) and then sell the original engines back to Mirrlees, Bickerton and Day, who reconditioned them and sold them on again, mainly for use in trawlers. Interesting the same EE lump was also considered for fitting to the Metro-Vic co-bos..... Andy G
  4. English English, as opposed to American English would like you to be writing roofs, but saying rooves. I was going to suggest you cutting a much thinner stencil for your lettering, but I see Mike has beaten me to it.... Andy G
  5. Cold day Tony? That peg growing out of the chimney needs the wire letting off a bit.... that’s a very good off.... Andy g
  6. For me, one of the biggest issues with control, is the loss of staff that understand how to signal trains. We suffered a control location change, and all the experienced ex-signalling staff that made up our control, more or less, en-mass took the money and ran. This left us with a control that had no rules training (it wasn't deemed that rules knowledge was needed to tell us what to do) and very little experience of how a control, or trains are run. At the same time they also tried to empire build and brought a lot of regulation decisions into the control away from the signalmen. It was a trying time, and although the staff now have rules knowledge, we are still a long way from how it was... Andy G
  7. The Garrat is an interesting build, but I fear that you need to put some stuff under the footplate under the boiler, as it seems not to have an ashpan.... It would also help to increase its mass a bit more, and stop it looking so top heavy... Andy G
  8. And if you are after anything from the old Nu-cast range, give Dave at SEF a call and if he can he will spin you the kit (quite a few ex Nu-cast, ex Sutherland HR wee Bens have been done recently... ;-] ) Also on the Frame front, Frank Roomes' Lutton had a fully interlocked frame that was a pleasure to use, along with proper block instruments. It was used to train Sappers, and as Frank was an MOT Railway Inspector it all had to work properly (I even recall very small token pouches).. That really introduced me to a railway that worked as it should and what a joy it was to operate. Andy G
  9. A bit of a bump for these items, all still available. If no takers by the weekend they are off to the tip/charity shop... Andy G
  10. The R914 has a thermal cutout, which works very well if I remember rightly. Never burnt one out when I was a nipper..... andy g
  11. That's a cracking photo of Crispy Daves there. Look at the neatness of the ballast on the down slow.. I just love the tonal mix of the colours as well. A classic (a bit like Dave....) Andy G
  12. Ah the old R914 controller. I still like these beasts, and use one as a test controller. We had three on our old round the room layout. Worked lovely. Have no-idea where the others are now though... Have a look at the Gaugemaster non feedback ones.... It's the output current you need to look for, about 1amp will be good. Andy G
  13. Have a shufty at my carriage bodging thread to see my attempts. Anything is possible and I think with a bit of patience you can do it..... (Ok I cheat a little!) Andy G
  14. Oh No it isn't..... Andy G In the Box as I type...
  15. Wasn't it Top Shed's little icing on the cake to paint the Royal Train loco's cab roof white? Andy G
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