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  1. I would test run it. I have just received two as Christmas presents one worked the other didnt thats gone back to be exchanged
  2. That looks stunning.So tonight's session Cemex running like a dream lost no axle boxes yet and runs smoothly Biff's Derailed again two or three times until it dropped two axle boxes leading bogie center and rear axles once these are gone it runs perfectly do I might cut them down and glue in place if that's a fix as you can't really see them turning anyway
  3. make sure the cabs are in right then use masking tape to secure detail parts in situe that way if they come of they will stick to the tape and not launch into oblivion mate if you persevere you will end up with the dogs dangles of a class 66 for all there faults they are superb once sorted but
  4. So have just run in Biffa and Cemex. biffa derails alot and has lost two axleboxes. cemex runs perfect no axleboxes lost but suffers light bleed on cab roof and when opened had a broken bogie footstep.madge elliot is still droping axleboxes but runs perfect now i had the large logo one for christmas and was and still is perfect
  5. just had my confirmation for Biffa and Cemex. I preordred for Christmas just had to do some serious grovelling as i bought Madge Elliot last week £450 this month just hope these two dont fall apart like Madge did
  6. the wobble would be due to not quite fitting the axlebox correctly I refitted one of mine and the loco wobbled to the first curve then fell off the track I refitted and all was well. I hope spare parts will be available as I also lost another one and a set of lower hand rails when I removed the body to insert a driver
  7. Hi Mick thanks for replying I am running on dc and have tried the switches underneath these don't seem to turn them off. Looking at the instructions there should be 3 switches but mine only has 2 and they are minute I will remove the body later and see what I can come up with
  8. anyoneknow how to turn rear lights off ive tried the underneath switches but they do nothing ?
  9. I ordered 68002 from Hattons yesterday afternoon and it arrived this morning wow what a model only spoilt by glue on one side such a shame.
  10. I ordered transfers from John at precision at around 6.30 last night and they arrived at 10.30 this morning what fantastic service
  11. The email I received today says that 66718 is back in stock and available to buy so I clicked on the link that then says will be available for delivery in September so looks like it's not in stock really disappointed and with the price first-class 66s are getting out of bounds
  12. Sorry yes just had a domestic for nothing lol
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