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  1. Get well soon - we had the same thing, with the double whammy that the kids then brought Covid back from school just as we were recovering. Double jabbed but that still knocked us both out for two weeks, and still feeling pretty feeeble...
  2. That brought a near flashback - opening a small factory safe (not with a tin opener) and finding it stuffed with entirely worthless 1,000,000 dinar notes. I still have one somewhere...
  3. I seem to remember a 'P' (for plenty) somewhere in the formula for calculations.... Looking really good!
  4. Agreed, looks loads better than the truly shocking Dundas Snailbeach hoppers I stupidly bought last week!
  5. Been playing around with the station colours - I followed the guidance on stationcolours.com for the NER but the ivory seems far too yellow to me and the red/brown not red enough... I do quite like the faded paint on the boat though... Still not sure whether to fill the dent on the bonnet - anyone?
  6. Absolutely stunning as ever Tom but to be pedantic (sorry), it would have been WD back then not MoD (which did not come into being until 1946).
  7. Oh joy - looks really good Chris. Just ballasted a 20cm test piece and that had me tearing my hair out. Glad I've only got a short plank to do now!!!
  8. A slightly cruel close-up of the trackwork weathering so far - glad this is not a quadruple line roundy-roundy!!! More work on the sleepers needed, then some rust weathering powder on the tracks before the ballast... Does anyone know if the indentation in the Baguley-Drewry's bonnet should be there? I can't find any pics online looking down on a real one! Also I presume the one on the cab roof is for a hazard beacon - does anyone make one in OO/4mm???
  9. A bit of light terraforming and we have a lower platform. Bit of a disaster with the painting of the platform sides, a new Humbol black wash was pretty much solid matt black - fortunately srubbing with a bit of thinners brought it back somewhat. Still too dark? and does it need a (very) light green wash given the supposed maritime environment? The other bit is the waiting shelter floor. Another disaster there - I felt it needed a slight sheen of polish so dropped on some satin wash rather than putting it on the brush. That has led to the two 'stains'. Initially I though 'oh hell', or words to that effect, but on reflection I quite like it as it has the effect of an old stain polished over. Dissenting views welcome! Wood work again shamlessly cribbed from @NHY 581 's tutorial.
  10. This is where the children, keeping the peace (and rule 1) come in. Its a mine and wagons will be unloaded further down the track (off scene for now at least) but I have been told that there is a need for some kind of red engine à la Hogwarts Castle/Olton Hall. Once again, that ain't going to happen but I do quite fancy making something small to pull a little inspection car should anyone from the Ministry/smallest bedroom pay a visit. That means I need somewhere for the passenger(s) to alight a one or possibly two car train. Not exactly prototypical I know, but that's not what this little set up is about. Sorry if the mail wagon caused any confusion - its the only thing I have that has the door at the rough same height as a OO9 passenger coach.
  11. Really good to see you back - hope things are now slightly less FUBAR'd...
  12. Firstly, please excuse the slightly uninspiring track plan. And the concrete hut and skip. This follows a load of surfing this forum and several failed starts, due in large part to the aforementioned canine. I decided a month or so ago to make it as simple as possible in the hope that I would actually get something done. The plan was for an Inglenook set in an MoD training/storage area, hence the current motive power is a 3d printed Baguley-Drewry (currently waiting on the arrival of some green paint). Life, or rather children, put paid to that idea when the youngest started Googling Harry Potter trains and asking for Goathland. That clearly isn't going to happen given the available time, space, budget and skills so we have compromised on something that could be part of that particular milieu but will allow me to foucus on what calms me - painting and scenery. The idea then, is an imaginary mine located in Fingal's Cave in the Hebrides (or something like it). That gives me scope for grotty track, the aforementioned halt, cliffs and water - all in the space of an A3 sheet, so hopefully small enough to maintain focus. Many, many thanks to @NHY 581 for his weathered wood tutorial - which I have shamlessly cribbed for the platform halt. I've also drawn on his ideas for painting/weatheringthe track although there is a fair bit more practice needed there I think. My question, having bought the Wills Halt kit to bash (slightly) is the height. Clearly it is designed for OO, so to my eyes is far too high for lowly OO9 stock. If the track is elevated as per the second pic though it looks rather better to me - but is that 'right'??? If so, I'm tempted to 'wrap' the legs in planking textured plasticard rather then have them half burried in ballast. Would that work???? Thanks for looking at my ramblings and take care, Gyp
  13. So if I chuck a load of liquid gravity under the bonnet that will help - though its then likley to be nose heavy...?!
  14. I've got an eBay sepcial 3D printed 60hp Baguley-drewry loco to go on a Kato 109 chassis to play around with but was wondering how much extra weight I need to get into it before I go too far down the painting process! Any suggestions how much it should ideally weigh?! Many thanks, Gyp
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