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  1. I started out looking at a company from near Chester which, whilst looking very well made (and fully lined) was £9,000 before I found this company just a few miles down the rod from me. Most things round here are cheaper, Try comparing property prices ! That`s why i am here ! I haven`t got round to the heating question yet but will need to before the autumn arrives. As it is 24 feet long I think one at either end will probably be what I do. Still waiting for the electric to be installed. Now it is fully lined and all baseboards are in place, track loosely in place just to see how it all looks. This layout has been planned for a long time and most of the buildings etc have been made prior to the sheds arrival so once the electric is installed (hopefully this week) I can get going properly.
  2. If you are still coming over to view the sheds on Saturday you are welcome to pop in and see mine.  I am about 20 minutes from the shed company or if you are going to Skegness you will almost pass my house on the way back to Tamworth !  I will be in all day as it will be the first  weekend I have to start on the layout after waiting for months ! Let me know, won`t be offended if you don`t but it might be worth seeing it ?

    1. B McG

      B McG

      Hi There,

        Thanks for your kind offer, I'm now kicking myself for not checking my PM's before setting off today!   We just got back and have a shed on order for November, a bit longer lead time than I hoped but clearing the exisiting layout in the garage will give me chance to stockpile materials to insulate and skin.  Andrew was really helpful and we sealed a deal in 20 minutes, he even mentioned your plan which sounds impressive.  :D  Looking forward to your reveal in the design and planning forum :-)




    2. class26


      No problem, just pleased you had a productive journey. I finished lining the shed and the boards are now up so today i was just laying out track approximately to see how it will all look in real life. This layout has been planned for years but there`s always something you haven`t thought of.  My problem is I hate fiddle yards but need somewhere for the train to "hide" before returning. After much head scratching today i think i got there ! I will be opening a new thread on here (my first) once I have electric installed and there`s something positive to see. 

      Did you make it to Skegvegas ? Not a bad afternoon for it.

  3. I am aware I am hijacking this thread with my shed so I will shortly start a new thread but just to finish by saying , yes, it was a multi day job (4 for the lining and floor) and now the supports for the boards are going in, possibly finished today. Electrics to finish then we are in business. just as well there isn`t that much work at the moment ! Apologies Bryant !
  4. There`s 2 purlins on either side running the entire length. I`ll put up a photo of the completed shed soon, its almost finished being fitted out now.
  5. Not sure what you mean by purlins , why not call them. 01526 861 737
  6. Pleased to hear this. Mine is almost finished now, lining etc and supports for base boards going in tomorrow then I can get down to the serious business of starting the layout. After your visit you could park up somewhere (Boston ?) and take the HST to Skegness. Probably not that many more times it will run although it might be slightly early for you if you are coming over from Tamworth? I know the journey well having lived in B`ham for 30 years ! Good luck !
  7. Here is my 24 x 12 being erected. I am very happy with the quality of the shed so would recommend you going ahead with the company if you still intend to.
  8. i would most certainly argue that the "triplets" would be very well received !!!
  9. They are presently building a bridge over the M42 near Brum
  10. In the short term no, but we need to look further ahead. If we just look at the next few months and take that as the new normal we would probably cancel all infrastructure enhancements as not worth it but traffic levels will steadily increase and our sights need to be on the long term.
  11. BR always reckoned that 1 minute of time saved increased revenue by 1% so if that still holds then I would say even 3 or 4 minutes saved is worth it.
  12. I had the same problem with home made write couplings similar to yours, coincidentally on a West Highland layout now dismantled. I played around with them for hours and eventually got them to work. I do think though looking at yours if it was wider i suspect the problem would go away.
  13. I wasn`t really complaining, I think it is great that they are doing so many Scottish railway buildings, especially those suitable for the northern routes. Not before time as my scratch building isn`t really up to it. I am taking your advice and using the Shed as a starting point and cladding it with various plastic sheeting. etc
  14. Just looked at their site again and there is a new building there since yesterday ! A highland cottage, much needed.
  15. Interesting you speak about the pricing structure. As I said above I bought the Highland shed a couple of weeks ago. They charged me £45 but I see it is now on the website for £30 ! Still can`t fault their service though and hope they do more Highland buildings.
  16. I also cannot fault their service. I ordered online one of their Highland sheds AFTER midday but it still arrived the next morning in the post.
  17. Developed but at what price ? I wonder what would happen to Chinese NIMBYS whose property happened to be in the way of a new line or road ?
  18. Sorry for the late reply. The shed I ordered, 24 x 12 is on their web site described as a "man cave" Cost is £3,000 but then it will need lining and insulating and of course a level concrete base which is almost prepared before the virus intervened. Do call the company, they are very amenable and would make a shed to your own specifications. I am sure they would deliver to you outside their own areas. Fort me it`s so frustrating as i now have all this free time but all I can do is stare at the cleared site that is waiting for a delivery of concrete !
  19. Not true. It will more likely be cheaper. Yield management will be used to fill seats so essentially the fare goes up and down according to demand. if fares are high this is because demand is high and vice versa. Airlines have this technique to perfection and ensures full aircraft. If fares are too high demand goes down and the system adjusts
  20. You miss the point i was trying to make. London is crazy accepted but my fathers house was in rural Lincolnshire where there is not a great deal of house inflation however there is a degree off inflation in the economy and even low inflation will erode in time, as long as spread over a long enough time frame A degree of inflation is acceptable as the opposite , deflation is destructive. Non of us thankfully have lived through deflation but even at sat 2|% why would you buy a large item like a car or house today when it would be 2% cheaper in a year or 10 % cheaper in 5 years. the economy would grind to a halt. So to get back to my point inflation the dept of HS2 will not be as bad as we think today in 30 years time.
  21. and let`s remember that even such a huge debt can be inflated away over the years to the point it is insignificant. i remember my father telling that in the last year of is mortgage his monthly payment was £4. That no doubt was a big sum when he first borrowed the money and he was earning less than £10 a month but by the 1980`s it was peanuts relatively speaking. Same for the national debt.
  22. No , it hasn`t reached 120 billion yet someone a few posts up thread has just claimed 200 billion !!!! That`s how rumours start. Pick a number, a large number and multiply by anything you think.
  23. FYI I have on order a 24 x 12 feet shed from this company - https://www.andrewdams.co.uk/ This is for my far North layout based on Forsinard which will appear on these pages in due course.
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