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  1. I just read through this thread and must say I'm impressed. The concept & execution are great. Squeezing in as much you've done while dealing with classes is impressive. You might want to explore JMRI. It can provide you with operations schemes along with a bunch of other stuff. Great job, I'll be watching to see what else you do.
  2. Holy cow this guy is great. I really think there a card stock gene in the Brit population. You guys are masters at this modeling form. Dave
  3. I really like these Gn15 fantasy themes. The cartoonish (kind of steam punk) character makes me chuckle and I'm always in awe of the builders' creativity. Great job can't wait to see the progress. Dave
  4. Thanks Dutch. We were on a Danube River Christmas market cruise. Vienna was a bit of a bust due to pouring rain. We were able to see a number of different trains from the boat and in various cities as we progressed into Germany. The stuff in Nuremberg really impressed me, probably because I was able to spend some time in decent, albeit chilly, weather watching S Bahn and trams scoot around. With a few exceptions we just don't have that kind of operations here in the US. Again thanks for the information. Dave
  5. Thank you guys. I was in Germany & Austria right before Christmas 2014 and really was impressed with the S Bahn in a couple of the cities we went to. I'll do some poking around to see the offerings you have noted. Dave
  6. Wow fantastic pictures. I'm going spend a lot of time looking at them. Thank you. Does anyone know if there are models of these S-Bahn trains in N or HO scales? Dave
  7. It turns out the speaker & it's baffle fit into the box on the bottom of the loco. I mistakenly called it a fuel tank, Duh it's an electric loco! Whatever it is the speaker fits. The Loksound Micro sits on top of the frame just aft of the gear tower. I did buy a mini sugar cube speaker & baffle but I didn't have to use it. I'm sure I'll find a place for it or I'll sell it. Hope this helps anyone looking to put sound into this or other locos. Dave
  8. I'm hoping this is the correct place to ask this question. I have a Roco DB class 185 electric locomotive with a Digitrax non sound decoder in it right now (8 pin connection). I'm considering putting a sound decoder, ESU Loksound v4.0 micro, into it but I can figure out where to put the speaker. Right now the Digitrax decoder is in the fuel tank on the bottom of the loco with wires running up a channel in the frame (already there by the manufacturer) to plug into the board on the top of the frame. It was really an easy job installing it. My problem is I can't quite puzzle out where I should put a speaker. If I put it in the fuel tank then I have to figure out where to put the decoder. There very little room on the top of frame and the driver's cabs at each end seem to preclude placing a speaker at the ends. I'm going to a major train show (exhibition) tomorrow here in the US (http://www.railroadhobbyshow.com/) where there will be many vendors from whom I can purchase a decoder and a variety of speakers. But being that its a Roco locomotive and a German prototype there's little chance that any of the vendors will be familiar with it. If anyone has done this or has a suggestion for the placement of the decoder and its speaker I appreciate the advice. By the way if you are are ever in the States and have a chance to go to this show I'd highly recommend it as its huge (4 buildings). Thanks in advance for any suggestions, Dave
  9. Every time I look at this thread and at the YouTube video I'm always amazed at the modelling. This is just an outlasting layout! Dave
  10. Hmm, nobody has an answer. Does anyone have another forum suggestion where imightgetsome help? Dave
  11. That chemical complex is amazing. Great modeling. Dave
  12. I know this is a British forum but I'm having a problem finding info on German forums and figured there might be someone modeling continental stuff here who could help me. I have a Roco BR185 (stock# 63590) fitted with a Digitrax decoder. I'd like to put an ESU LokSound micro decoder into it but I can't figure out where to put the speaker. The battery box (or whatever it is ) on the bottom between the bogies has room for the decoder (that's where I have the Digitrax decoder mounted now). There's very little room in the body for anything. Maybe the decoder would fit up in the body behind one of the cabins over the gear towers. If anyone has some idea how to do this I'd appreciate some advice. Thanks for any help offered. Dave
  13. Wow, I just looked at some of this thread. I don't know how I missed before. There's some spectacular modelling going on here! I've said it before, you Brits have a real knack at making very realistic scenes. I keep telling friends to look here to get ideas. One day I want to get to the UK so I can attend some shows and see these layouts in person. I'll be looking in often to see what you continue to post. Dave
  14. Thanks guys. I had seen the listing Il Griffone noted. I may go with the scratch building route. Does anybody have a clue how to remove the deflector? I wiggled and tugged and it wouldn't come free. I'm looking for the "magic release tab" so I don't break it. This loco came from the shop I was working for. I was putting out of production but new in the box European, British & Japanese models on the shop's website. Unfortunately the shop suffered a major and totally devastating fire at the end of May. This is one of the very few items not burned or crushed that were recovered from the rubble. A lot of very nice models & supplies were lost and I'm still kicking myself for not buying more while I worked on the project. I was just tinkering with it and after straightening a bent drive rod the loco rolls nicely. The tender pushes it along smoothly. I'm pretty surprised at how smooth the ringfield (?) mechanism works. I'll probably leave it DC rather than DCC. Again thanks for the suggestions. Dave
  15. I was given a Hornby 9f. It's missing some parts, most notably the left side smoke deflector. Does anyone know where I might be able to buy one or if necessary both deflectors? I'm also am going to need the front buffers but they are not high on my list right now as I can probably find them more easily or scratch build them. Thanks for any suggestions. By the way I'm in the U.S. but ordering from the UK doesn't bother me as long as the shipping isn't too expensive. Dave
  16. Fantastic layout. The video is really well done. I'll be going back,to look at it and the photos to get ideas and inspiration. Dave
  17. Fantastic modeling! Nice to see this theme here in the states. Dave
  18. I am dabbling in European HO, having purchased a couple sound equipped locomotives. I just bought the loco in the title and have put a Digitrax decoder. I'd like to put a sound decoder in it. Could someone advise which ESU sound decoder to use and possibly a British or European vendor. US vendors carry ESU but I haven't found one who offers them with European sounds. By the way I found the locomotives at this online store - djunction.com They have a lot of new " old" stock in HO OO & N at pretty good prices. There's a lot of European and British stuff. I'm not sure what the shipping would be to the UK. Dave
  19. If you go to Lisbon and are staying more than a day buy a LiboaPass. It lets use any of the transportation in and around the city- trolleys, street elevator (designed by a student of Eiffel), the funicular that go up and down hill and the metro. Its definitely a cost saver. Lisbon is a rail lovers city. The trolleys are great. If you are lucky you may get this very funny and a bit crazy lady driver on the #28 in the evening. We had a lot of chuckles as she maneuvered downhill through traffic and had some "pointed" comments for the drivers in the way. The other routes are great rides also. Porto is another great place for trolleys also. There's also a narrow gauge railway that goes up the Duoro valley. Dave
  20. The shop owner bought a large warehouse of stock. There's a lot of British, Japanese & European prototype stuff in N, HO & OO scales. There will be more coming online as fast as they can get it listed. The owner says he wants to move the stuff so that explains the pricing. I say pass the word so others can take advantage of the deals. Dave
  21. Thanks so much guys. I thought they were phased out a while ago. They're tempting because of their colorful nature and price but their period of use is a bit earlier than what I have now. Again thanks, Dave
  22. OK another question from a Yank. Are those little 4 wheeled goods wagons still used? If they are not when did their use end? A local hobby shop has a bunch of GF and Peco wagons but I'm not sure what period they're from. Here's a link to some of the stuff they have on their site- http://stores.djunction.com/-strse-N-Gauge-cln-Rolling-Stock-cln-British/searchpath/264135124/start/19/total/68/Categories.bok Some of the Peco they have is on page 8. Apparently there's going to be a lot more listed shortly. Thanks for any information you might post. Dave
  23. Excuse the ignorance but this Yank would like to know what the discs are for. Every time I think I'm getting a handle on British railways you guys come up with something I've never noticed before. Thanks, Dave
  24. Not to belabor this topic but Felix's photos are amazing. The Maschen yard is gigantic. I used Google maps to find where it is in Germany and the yard is so big that it shows up early on the map before you zoom in. As stated in the wikipedia article on the yard, its the biggest in Europe and its 2nd in the world behind Bailey yard in Nebraska. Again thanks Felix. Dave
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