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    Coaching stock, carriage workings, BR era up to 1982.

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  1. I did some comparison shots today. Old Bachmann, Heljan and SLW 25/3s: IMG_0660am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr IMG_0659am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr IMG_0664am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr IMG_0663am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr IMG_0662am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr IMG_0661am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr And for comparison, what the real things looked like: 50041_2x25 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr 25286_Hereford_7-84_2m by Robert Carroll, on Flickr 25286_Hereford_7-84_3m by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  2. Very much so. I think the stock on Little Bytham is a good example of how to combine RTR and kit-built.
  3. I agree. It’s not possible to model the trains of the period realistically just using RTR. That said, there is a lot of RTR stock on the layout and some RTR motive power. A lot more suitable RTR stock has become available since Roy started on Retford 30 or more years ago.
  4. The J6 and K2 are significant gaps in RTR. Hopefully, one or both will be done soon. Retford has kit-built examples of both.
  5. No trains at Bracknell this weekend. https://www.nationalrail.co.uk/engineering-works/ascot-reading-20240511/
  6. Yes, it's the headcode that is the most obvious difference. It's hard to make an exact comparison as the Bachmann one has the domino replacement for the headcode. The real things looked like this: D1957_WiganNW by Robert Carroll, on Flickr 47454_APR-74 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr 47251_Totnes_c1980 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  7. Might be the camera angle. Heljan on left and Bachmann on right.
  8. Diesel era modellers have benefitted greatly from the high quality of RTR over the past 20 or so years, not only in terms of accuracy but also power, ever since centrally mounted motors driving both bogies became standard. However, there have been a few Turkeys. Bachmann has had four goes at the 37 and only the most recent one is really right, although attempts 2 and 3 are acceptable to me with some modification such that I have felt no need to upgrade to either the newest Bachmann model or the Accurascale one. Attempt one was woeful. We have recently had new 47s from both Bachmann and Heljan. Given they are meant to represent the same thing, compare these two ends: IMG_0590am by Robert Carroll, on Flickr There have been several goes at Westerns but none is perfect. Dapol came closest but was let down by the headcodes. There are other examples too.
  9. The blue/grey one has B5 bogies (blue springs). It would have been built with BR heavy duty bogies and rebogied in the 1960s. Sleepers built from 1960 had Commonwealth bogies from new and generally retained them. The ones that had B5 bogies were mostly those built 1957-9 or thereabouts, before CW bogies became standard.
  10. The chocolate and cream BSO in The Cathedrals Express was W9272. I found a photo of it a while back. Railway Observer stated W9276 which was either a typo or there were two in the livery, 7021_Cathedrals_1961 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  11. Two Mark 1 BSOs at the front of this train: 1964_1V86_Reddings-between-Cheltenham-Gloucester_3-69 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  12. Diag 24 page from Diagram book index. Note that the quantity for the 1644-99 batch is shown incorrectly and should be 56. Most of the WR allocation was maroon when new but W1729-32 were chocolate and cream and W1646 was repainted in that livery when almost new and ran in The Bristolian. The remainder of that set carried a trial batch of B4 bogies. Bogie types are not mentioned but the first BRCW lot had BR heavy duty bogies when new and all others Commonwealth. Most of the first batch were rebogied pretty early on. The S1716-24 batch and E1714-5 were converted to 4 Rep buffet cars. Diag_24_Diag-book-index-sheet by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
  13. I think you are right. However, brake blocks in line with 00 wheels are a nuisance when converting carriages to EM and usually have to be removed.
  14. The Mark 1 BSO as built had 39 seats, not 31.
  15. Like this: RMB 1871 Reading_1 16-07-99 by Robert Carroll, on Flickr
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