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  1. Someone has made one in N gauge on the N Gauge Forum, see http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=22623.msg388617#msg388617 http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/gallery/41/231-180616155155.jpeg
  2. Info now posted on the NGF http://www.ngaugeforum.co.uk/SMFN/index.php?topic=30036.msg339733#msg339733
  3. I think you'll find there are pages and pages of comments on a specialist N gauge forum
  4. Just finished my second sound install into one of my Dapol N gauge panniers, this time the GWR version and it went much better this time around I and even got the loco lights working correctly. I wasn't happy with the sound on the first install so have bought the YouChoos CT sound programmer and created my own sound set, The programmer makes it a doddle to program sound onto CT decoders, just click and point, no more messy text files etc. This install again uses the little CT Elektronik SL76 sound decoder with the smaller of the two sugar cube speakers fitted (squeezed!) into the cab. See for the video. Caz
  5. Lovely little model, bought a BR black one and both GW versions and all run beautifully with really good slow running, well pleased. So pleased that over the weekend I set to to put some sound into one of them using the CT SL76 decoder and a cube speaker, here's the result http://youtu.be/h8q3q_RR4hM
  6. Has anyone heard of any updates as to whether Farish are still going ahead with their updated 57xx or have they ditched it? Caz
  7. Anyone know which of the green versions will be first to hits the shops as I want to get one on order, would it be 2D-012-002 D6320. Thanks Caz
  8. They look really smart, does anyone know whether these coaches will be "light bar ready", can't see any mention in the first announcements. Caz
  9. There are a lot of configuration options in the CT SL76, much more than I used to and it has taken time for me to work out what does what. The video was taken using the decoder as received without any tuning of the CV's, it is my first CT decoder but have since managed to get it running more or less how I want it. The squeal sounds a lot louder in the video than it actually was, I have since turned the volumes down a tad, I was worried that the audio wouldn't come across in the video so left them as received. I've left the squeal in (but a bit quieter) as every time I've heard a gronk shunting, it was always squealing Caz
  10. With a lot of fiddling and praying I've managed to get sound into a Farish N Gauge Class 08 gronk, who said it couldn't be done! The project uses the new CT Elektronik SL76 sound decoder together with a cube speaker and enclosure, sounds were from YouChoos. I've written a "how to" which you can see on the N Gauge Forum at http://www.ngaugefor...g83384#msg83384 Hope it's ok posting this here, if not I'm sure the mods will remove it, just trying to avoid duplicating the whole thing. You can see the results of the install on YouTube at http://youtu.be/YA8VIG9xW_s , Caz
  11. Although I'm successfully using the signals with DCC (see my previous post) this has given me the idea to use some of the Peco PL-26 passing contact lever switches for the branch line mounted near the signalled area, this will then satisfy any manual operators who like to see and use levers, then I'll have the best of both worlds. ;-) Caz
  12. If it's of any interest, I've had half a dozen of the Dapol GWR signals running on a Digitrax & R&R TrainController DCC controlled layout for the past month without any problems. They are operated via a CML DAC20 accessory decoder (usually used for points), the closed and thrown outputs are linked together and go to one side of the coil of a SPNO 12v relay, the common output of the accessory decoder goes to the the other side of the relay coil. The DAC20 provides feedback to the system and R&R via LocoNet as to the state of any signal at startup each session. Whenever a thrown or closed command is issued the relay (substitute for the push button) closes the Dapol signal operate circuit without fail. Because of this, once you have sync'd the signal (I use thrown for signal off and closed for signal on) it has never once lost sync with the requested operation. If ever it should fail, I'd do exactly what I'd do if a point failed to throw, just issue the command manually from the DCC controller. Using vero board, half a dozen 12v SPNO relays and some terminal strip I've made up a board that links the accessory decoder to the signal yellow operating wires. Caz
  13. , Chris, I think I've found a single pole normally open relay on Rapid Electronics web site http://www.rapidonli...ure-relay-74442 , looks as though this will do the job. Caz (Also replied to Chris on the Yahoo N Gauge group but thought I post this link here as it may be useful to others)
  14. I've been using the kits (or ready made) from a UK company, CR Signals (crsignals.com). They are a complete kit of parts, brass post and etch with plastic lamp housings. You can buy either kits or ready made and they make up into superb colour light signals. The kits are great for making up special versions and there are even illuminated theatre indicator panels available available as either kits or ready assembled onto the signal of your choice. No connection, just a very satisfied customer Caz
  15. Our Farish N gauge 108 has performed sterling service and we'd like to give it a good clean and oil. Does anyone know how to remove the power bogie from the chassis etc so we can get to the inner gears. Thanks Caz
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