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  1. Class 40 anyone? and a namer at that.... Class 40 - Inverness I’ll look forward to rewheeling one to P4... - and trying it out on my checkrailed curve...
  2. Don’t think I’ve seen this picture before, it gives a bit more of an insight down that back road, including the oil tank and brick bund. Nice
  3. I’ve not posted on here for ages, well, more than a year by the looks of it. There’s no progress to report on the layout except the purchase of three wagons - i’ll dig them out in a bit and take a few pictures of them. I’ve been doing a little more research in the evenings - it’s interesting, it’s always worth revisiting the same search’s from time to time as new things turn up - presumably as people are constantly uploading new (old) things. I”ll start posting picture links on here as I find new items.
  4. Names?? How about; Selby Howden Brough Cottingham Beverley
  5. West Coast franchise announced today. More bi-modes and EMUs anyone?
  6. Here's a couple of pictures of Mallard prior to the event..
  7. Perhaps more importantly, Mallard positioned in platform 7 for an Azuma launch event...
  8. Still alive and on a class 1 duty this afternoon. 91108 on 1Y38 York to the Cross
  9. Apparently slated to be the first one to be withdrawn, 91108 in platform 2 at Doncaster awaiting either its next duty or something worse.
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