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  1. Hi Eddie, There were some hoppers that looked a lot like these being hauled, loaded, over the level crossing in King's Lynn at about 14:30 last Saturday, Schenker and EWS Construction liveries were present. Not sure whether this flow goes up to Scotland from Middleton Towers, but hope this information is of some use. Mark
  2. Thanks Russ, I followed the link to your thread last night and was very impressed by your modelling. Some more photographs of King's Lynn: A pair of twenties bring the aforementioned limestone hoppers in from the Peak District with limestone for the sugar factory. This was inspired by a photograph on page 19 of "The power of the twenties". 47576 again entering the station area. 47576 running round its train. Does anybody have any tips for modelling the grease (?) patches that were always present on newly painted buffers? I'm thinking of taking a spare buf
  3. Well it had to be done, ordered as soon as I saw it had been announced. 47576 King's Lynn sits in King's Lynn station at the head of a London bound train. Been a while since I posted, my limestone train now consists of three hoppers with another under construction at the moment. I'm also building some engineer's wagons from kits to replace the old Lima seacows I have. Mark
  4. Hello there, it's been a while since I last posted but since some of the last discussion was about 33s at King's Lynn and I just picked my Heljan BR blue 33 up yesterday I thought I'd just post a couple of quick photographs. I hope that you like them. Regards Mark
  5. Great thread with lovely photographs, thanks Jeff. We discussed the King's Lynn / Cambridge steam heat boiler vans in this thread, for those who are interested. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/53879-steam-heating-van-1980s/ Mark
  6. Thanks again Peter, I appreciate you taking the time to look that up. Regards Mark
  7. Thanks Peter, During my research I found photographs of class 33s on MOD trains in the Cambridge area but nothing as far North as King's Lynn. I was going to use the MOD trains as an excuse anyway if truth be told, maybe using the Middleton Towers branch for an exercise unloading tanks and APCs. Then I also get to build a rake of warflats or similar. I'm just waiting to find a BR blue 33 (or two) at the right price. Regards Mark
  8. Thanks also to NorfolkAndGood for those excellent additional traffic ideas. Especially the class 33 as I always liked that class so now have a (little needed) excuse to run one. I will post some more photographs shortly, been busy with other things during the Summer. Once again thanks to all who have posted. Regards Mark
  9. Hi Jason, Many thanks for your kind comments, I didn't have a map to work from but used the signal box diagrams such as this one http://www.flickr.co.../in/photostream and photographs to work out a rough track layout. It also looks as though there is a good collection of reference material in the link posted by BrushType4 above. Good luck with your project, maybe run into you in the model shop in town some time. Regards Mark
  10. Andy, Many thanks for your comments and information, I looked today while I was waiting for the train and saw the point number and longer sleepers where the points would have been. There were 4 roads between the platform faces but I don't know when the layout was changed to 3, some time after the end of steam. I've almost finished the first of the limestone hoppers so will post some more photographs shortly. Mark
  11. Thanks Colin, I couldn't find any photographs of the roof, between Paul Bartlett's site and www.departmentals.com there are quite a few photographs about but all from ground level. There does seem to be a lot of variation between different vans. As one of the photographs on the departmental website is captioned Loughborough 2003 there may well be one in preservation, a comment on the same page indicates that it might have moved to the Battlefield Line in 2008. Good luck with your build in O gauge, is there a suitable under-frame kit or will you have to scratch build that as we
  12. Thank you Class 66. Just about finished give or take a coat of varnish or two. I am short of the correct decals but at least it gives an impression of the vehicle. It has been an enjoyable build at any rate. Next up is a 51L Diag 1/166 ironstone wagon kit. Mark
  13. Thanks Phil, yes I am planning to find something to use to represent the lights and bell. Managed to get the roof fitted last night so I also have to fit a variety of vents and exhaust ports to that. Mark
  14. Another quick update on the steam heating van progress. Buffers in place, windows installed and most of the painting of body and underframe completed. Roof next then just tidying up and transfers to go. Mark
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