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  1. In the end, I tried Bachmann UK and they were able to supply the replacement units. I finally got around to replacing them today, which was a bit fiddly, but otherwise straightforward. It now runs nice.y on my test track, so will take it back to the club and try it with a load behind. At least all six axles now seem fully linked to the drive unit, so it should be fine.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions again. I will give it a go in due course, but for the time being another member of the MRC has use of the laptop in question, so I need to wait a week until I get it back!
  3. Sadly the downloads on that link do not contain any suitable drivers, or at least none that JMRI recognises.
  4. Yes, I had seen those details on the JMRI website, and am trying to connect via the built in Elite USB port, but the PC, running Windows 7, cannot recognise the Elite without the necessary drivers.
  5. My Model Club has a Hornby Elite controller, which we have used along with Railmaster up to now. We would also like to try using JMRI to control it, but can’t find the necessary Windows drivers. I put a query to Hornby who reply was that they don’t have the drivers on their website, contrary to what was said on the JMRI website. Has anyone tried this combination, and if so, where did you find the drivers?
  6. Thanks again for the replies. I had already checked out the Bachmann US website, and also the NWSL one. I think that my first point of call will be Bachmann UK and I will see how I get on.
  7. I have had the Shay upside down in my loco cradle, and had a good look with a magnifying glass while running it. All the gears on the driving axles seem OK, with no splits or slipping. The bevel gears on the drive shafts are a different story. One is missing completely, one slips on the drive shaft, while two others seem to slip on the drive shafts at times. I haven’t been able to see any splits in the gears, so I may be able to loctite them into place. Locating a replacement gear for the missing one might prove tricky in the UK, so I might try suppliers in the US. Thanks for the helpful replies.
  8. There are plenty around. A while back I bought about 20 sets of wired plugs and sockets for the same purpose. I have used them to provide extra pickups in DMUs, and also in trucks to connect to smaller steam locos which otherwise have a tendency to stall on insulfrog points. Well worth the minimal expense incurred.
  9. Our MRC has a Bachmann 80 ton US Shay loco, which was part of a loft clearance, and which we intend to sell for club funds. It is a gorgeous thing, with the most amazing drive system. However, when it runs, it slips quite a bit, even without a trailing load. When I investigated, it appears that all the six axles should drive, but the axles are slipping on 4 of them. They all have the drive cog, but can easily be turned by hand. Can anyone offer any advice on how to address this. Also, when it is running without slipping, the top speed is very low, ie a scale speed of about 15 to 20 mph max. Is this normal for one of these? A couple of photos of the underside attached for info.
  10. I googled them and the 97080 is 12V. Couldn’t find anything for the 97060 ,but it is probably similar. I would try testing it with a 9V PP3 battery and see how it runs. If you are not sure about it, try putting a resistor is series before connecting to a 12V supply. I have run a motor probably rated at 5V with a 20 ohm resistor to power a Lima 121 railcar. It runs very well, and being a railcar, it doesn’t need loads of power to pull trucks or coaches.
  11. Hi, I have a Bachmann 56XX 0-6-2T which a previous owner has applied paint very badly to mask the linings etc on the water tanks and cab side. My trouble is that I don’t know what paint it is, and so how to try to remove it. The boiler etc are immaculate as they are unpainted. I have photos of both sides of the loco. Can anyone help ID the paint and give me an idea for its removal?
  12. Thanks for the extra detail. It was just the job! Once I had moved the cab wall moulding, the clips were easily visible and I eased them out with a small screwdriver. Of course, the bogie doesn’t drop very far, as it is held by the one good wire, which has virtually no slack! Fortunately there is just enough space to solder a new wire, so I should be able to effect a repair.
  13. I am in the process of fixing a friends Hornby 31 with sound (R2803XS), when I noticed a wire broken on one of the drive bogies. To repair the wire really needs the drive tower to be dropped out of the chassis, but even with the advice above, I am not sure how to do it! As it isn’t mine, I don’t want to break anything on it. If anyone can supply a little more detail, I would be very grateful! i have attached a photo showing the current arrangement.
  14. I hadn't looked at the JST wires for this (but have now!), but have used something similar in the past when wiring between DMUs for additional pickups etc. I have used a very small plug & socket arrangement, that allows easy disconnection. I still have a supply of these wire, plug & sockets, so might just see if they will allow the loco and tender bodies to fit properly. Thanks to Melmerby for the link to his photos on the other thread. If my above solution doesn't work, I will go that way. I have a good supply of lead as well to help with the additional weight.
  15. Simon,


    I would be grateful if you could give a few details/short run down on how your CIO came to be/is working, as I believe some club members are looking into it again.


    Thank you in anticipation, cheers, Peter BB

    1. Simon G

      Simon G

      Hi Peter,

      I am not sure how it came to be set up as it pre-dates my involvement with the club.  I will try to remember to ask someone in the club who will know!  As to maintaining the charitable status, we have to submit an annual return to the Charities Commission to retain our status.  We also have a number of trustees, of which I am one.   In addition, we submit an annual Gift Aid return to HMRC in order to reclaim part of the members subscriptions.

      Cheers, Simon

    2. PeterBB


      Thanks Simon, thats a useful start.  Cheers, Peter

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