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    MRJ 251

    Ha! Sorry to disappoint you but it's not annoying anymore if anything I've come to realise it's sympathy and understanding that is required. By way of a little explanation: It's like having a family reunion and the first year your Uncle Charlie stands up to make a speech and in it makes some jokey in family joke that gets a laugh. Next year he's struggling to think of something witty to say but thinks I know what got a laugh last year I'll use this joke again, everyone laughs a bit but thinks hang on a minute we heard this last year. By the third or fourth year you're all trying to guess at which point in the speech Uncle Charlie is going to make his joke again. By the fifth and sixth year a few of the regulars are finding it annoying and try to derail Uncle Charlie's speech by shouting out the punchline before Uncle Charlie makes the joke. Now into the seventh and eighth year and Uncle Charlie makes the same joke yet again and is getting heckled from the back seats now for using the same material. In the following year a couple of family members have the temerity to not laugh at Uncle Charlie's joke again and are immediately castigated for having no sense of humour. So now we are into the 9th and 10th year and Uncle Charlie still thinks his joke is funny because it got a laugh in the first year and is going to use it yet again. The rest of the family now know they are going to have to hear the "joke" yet again but humour him because they realise it is obviously the one high point in the year for Uncle Charlie - the only thing keeping him involved from one year to the next is his one chance to stand up and be make his joke. Whilst it would nice if Uncle Charlie could find a new joke it won't surprise anyone in the least when he trots out the same old joke again - So we sympathise and humour him because we now understand that he needs to make the joke to feel part of the family. So we are now into what must be the 15th anniversary of the MRJ "joke", who's going to be Uncle Charlie? which will no doubt spawn a "Je suis l'oncle Charlie" meme as well!!
  2. Hi, It's all ordered on line but you have to create an account first. If you click on the login top right you should get to this page : https://www.engraving-supplies.co.uk/customer/account/login which then gives you the option to create an account. I seem to remember they emailed me to verify the account. Once you are logged in then the shopping cart is enabled for online ordering - be prepared for the prices though! The laser thin black sheet 1245 x 614mm is £35.50 plus VAT plus postage the 0.8mm ADAsignage is £29.50 plus VAT and postage. So it depends on how much you want - 1245 x 614mm is a lot of 2mm models! It would be worth considering joining up and splitting the costs if smaller sizes are required. As for the colour then from the Darkly Labs forum I believe the black cuts easier and cleaner but I having nothing to compare it against as I just went for the black stuff.
  3. They are expensive once you've added VAT and postage on. Amongst other things I bought the 0.5 "Thins" https://www.engraving-supplies.co.uk/lt404-102-black-0-5mm.html . It is quite flexible though so it depends what job you want to do with it. If you are interested I can send you a small sample to try, it does cut nicely. I don't know what other people have used, the next order I will probably try the ADA signage at 0.8mm https://www.engraving-supplies.co.uk/laser-materials/trolase-ada-signage/ls401-103-black-0-8mm.html
  4. As you have found this is the supplier for Trotec, https://www.engraving-supplies.co.uk/laser-materials.html . They will sell to individuals as they sold me some sheets, although you will need to create an account to order stuff.
  5. It's not a drawback because you don't need to do that anyway - earlier in the post I show how I set out the horn blocks in the frames with the coupling rods as guides. That is something you want to be doing before assembling the chassis. It's much easier if you do one step at a time rather than all at once on the chassis jig. Once you start putting the frames in the chassis jig you should already have set out the horn blocks at the right wheelbase.
  6. A few 12" lengths of silver steel is all you need - a darn sight cheaper than £80 then spend the money on other tools that you will use more often. http://www.cherryclan.com/2015/08/jinty-chassis-build/ IMHO chassis jigs are a luxury item if you have money to spare, personally there are dozens of other tools to spend my money on before I'd even consider a chassis jig.
  7. I could be wrong but it looks like the cones were turned on a lathe, but if you faced it off in a lathe then the cone would be symmetric. By clamping it in the mill in the way shown and milling the end of the cone it means that the bottom line of the cone part is straight with the smokebox and all the taper is on the upper part of the boiler.
  8. Adrian

    MRJ 251

    Not having to wade through pages and pages of turgid postings trying to find a solitary nugget of original new content is hardly detrimental in my opinion.
  9. Not too sure what more they can do - the information is out there if you want to find it. For example MERG area groups are listed here http://www.merg.org.uk/areagroup.php For me in Preston if I follow the link for the Northwest Area Group then there is a "click here for latest news" which is a link to the public side of the MERG wiki (members get full access) The page is here http://www.merg.org.uk/northwestgroup Which gives details of the date (next Friday), location (Sale) and main topic (WiFi module with Raspberry pi and CBus) for the next meeting. Also details of local exhibitions attending.
  10. I think my view of issue 250 is very similar, however I wouldn't say he alludes to the illness, he states quite clearly onset of Parkinson's in his usual self deprecating way.
  11. That's a shame - the paint went on nicely! It was only £1 so nothing lost for a bit of practice. Thanks for the info.
  12. I'd be interested in the BR CCT - hopefully it would fit the Lima effort as well (with a little tweaking) - not really into that era but I bought one to practise my painting and actually to my untutored eye the body on the Lima model looks alright to me. Also interested in details of the LNWR Coal Tank chassis, although I have just bought motor and gears to start my own chassis so it depends on the arrangement.
  13. Adrian

    MRJ 250

    Sorry to disappoint but I won't waste my time feeding the trolls and have the maturity to walk away from it. Adios.
  14. Adrian

    MRJ 250

    Not really because that was posted in the inane b**locks thread and not the serious content discussion thread.
  15. Adrian

    MRJ 250

    I rest my case. http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/115867-mrj-250-incredibly-serious-discussion-of-contents-only-thread/?p=2467061 http://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/115867-mrj-250-incredibly-serious-discussion-of-contents-only-thread/?p=2467892
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