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  1. The lights are bright, I think this was taken with only 3 working.
  2. Being off work and effectively on-call is interesting. Contacting parents twice a day to check on the pupils leaves time for garden and model railway. Finally started the street lights, fitting them with resistors. The wires are really fiddly, I thought wires for colour lights were bad, these are equally if not more so. Only 4 more to do on the street and then attention will turn to wiring up the platform lighting on another section of the layout. My brother has suggested that I correct an omission. A toilet block near the tunnel mouth as found at Holcombe.
  3. One hour or so in the loft today after a nice day in the garden sorting the chicken/orchard fencing out. No doubt tomorrow the chickens will be wandering the main garden. Today's task in the loft has been the cricket field/village green so far I am quite please with it and the trial fitting of some platform lighting. Hopefully, tomorrow I will be able to get them illuminated and that will be another thing to tick off.
  4. I realised that I had made a mistake with the corner layer of the house backs, I will think of a way to sort that out
  5. I would be interested to hear from others who have a cricket match happening on their layouts and what figures etc they might use, plus pavilion.
  6. Since Christmas I have been doing more to make things ready for a project a friend is doing. Platform lights are up and running, the street lights need resistors connecting before that part of the layout is done. I wanted to do some photos similar to what might have been seen in the Profile..... or Power of ..... series of books. There are further photos to add soon of a cricket field that will double as a concert venue, while the project I mentioned above will use the space for a gathering of a large crowd. There are street lights, platform lighting and some buildings for a main street to position. The buildings have took some time to do, based on the Scalescene 3-storey houses/shops. I am sure that I had alternative house fronts with colours akin to those seen in the South West holiday resorts, unfortunately I can't find them. With the Easter Holidays looming and a week left to work - we are open due to it being a Special School, it won't be any different to a normal school holiday unless things change - the street might take a few more weeks to get done.
  7. I managed to connect some more platform lighting, with only two left to do plus the platform building had some LED's added. That revealed the need for a bit of a repaint. I also swapped the lighting to the Gaugemaster transformer that I intend to use for the layout lighting. It made a marked difference to the station. Road lighting to do next before moving onto another part of the layout.
  8. The lights in the Bubblecar are bright. Looks like there needs to be some adjustment of the appropriate CV. The second platform having lighting might make things appear so bright too. Still much to do.
  9. There has been no update for ages, having started a new job quite a way from home last Christmas. That job has enabled me to begin building a layout alongside the young people I work with in a special school. The layout at home now has a fully work coastal section nearly complete. With so much stock, it has meant there is need for more sidings and that is being started, various crossings and turnouts have been purchased. A few more signals have been put in, the wires for those are really fine and are a real pain in the neck.
  10. Someone needs to show Dan this. Who knows if he could persuaded to do it.
  11. £169 for APT 5 car. Did not use credit card.
  12. With the cooler weather and cricket season over it is time to do some more work. I have used EZ Water to create a calm sea, but I think it is too flat at the minute. Once this bit is done, it will be time to do more work on the station area.
  13. Plodding along with my sea wall bit of the layout. Nearly ready for water after painting the rocks and completing the opposite side of the tunnel to the sea.
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