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    Periods of interest are...

    Early Railways 1846 - 1865
    U.S. Railroads 1846 - 1861
    RCW Yard ca 1920

    Industrial Railway 1905 - 1925
    Horse/Steam Tramways circa 1900
    Majorca/Malta narrow gauge railways(Three distinct periods)

    Considering a 2' gauge industrial layout based on two 32" square boards with a variable length fiddle yard in between, but the costs of Loco's/Stock put me right off the idea.

    Looking into the possibilities of 'Viewpoint Layouts' as an alternative to the standard 'track on a plank'.

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  1. Thanks to everyone for the information they provided. I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who replied. The name of the person I was looking for is (I think), Roland Arzul. I recall seeing his carriage drawings and his contribution to the book on 'Railways of the Baie De Somme' ... though wether he's a railway modeller, I'm not sure. Once again, thanks for all your help.
  2. Can anyone recall the name of the French modeller who was a friend of Mike Sharman? The reason I'm asking is that I'm trying to get details about the early (1850s-60s) double-decker/imperial's which ran on French railways.
  3. Thanks for the information Darryl. That's the layout I was looking for, though I didn't realize it appeared in RM over twenty years ago.
  4. Can anyone remember a layout that appeared in the Railway Modeller ten plus years ago. It was a 4mm NER set during WW1, and had snow for it's scenery.
  5. Can anyone confirm which weekend in November the Newcastle MRC exhibition(at Gateshead Stadium?) falls this year ?
  6. You're right Alan. It was 'Allison Street'. It's possible the layout is still operational and may appear at an exhibition.
  7. Thank's for the information Alan. I think the CR 'plank layout' may have been called 'Dewar Street'. I saw it at Scalerail (New Lanark) and believe it was advertised to appear at the Preston Show two or three years ago. When you say a number of 'weel kent faces', I assume you include Mike Sharman.
  8. I'm not referring to this group...Early Railways Group of the Railway & Canal Historical Society? This is one of several Special Interest Groups (SIGs) within the RCHS...who appear to concentrate on publishing, but the railway modelling people... At Telford they had a short plank with Scottish trains running back and forth (pun intended).
  9. Does anyone know if the Early Railways Group still exist ? I recall they advertised(about 10 years ago) as a small group specializing in modelling the pre 1870 period. One particular layout was an 1850's CR end to end layout in 7mm. I know there is another Early Railways Group, but I believe they only publish books/articles and are nothing to do with railway modelling.
  10. Does anyone know which one of these train ferries was the first to be built.? 1..The Egyptian Railways Nile Chain Ferry at Kafr El-zaiyat was designed and manufactured(in Newcastle) by Robert Stephenson and Co. 2..The EPDR 'floating railway' across the River Forth (designed by Sir Thomas Bouch and operating circa Feb 1850) Mac
  11. Steaurt. Thanks for the heads up; though I didn't expect to see it on a railway modellers website. I was at last years show and was surprised at the sheer variety of goods, many which could be utilized for use on a model railway. I'll be looking for a pair of 7mm/1:43 model tanks for use on a 1920's industrial (unrest) layout. Hope you top last years headcount. Mac.
  12. Booked advance ticket for what looks like a really good show. My last visit was one of the winter shows,so it will be interesting to the compare the difference. Does anyone know a decent pub close to the venue; where I can get a meal/drink ? Someone mentioned the Tudor House Hotel but it means going back into the town centre. The RedRobin/Robin Hood pub was also mentioned. Does anyone know if this place is any good ? Cheers Mac.
  13. Thanks for the replies and the various Links provided. The NGRM site looks promising. Mac
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