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    Steam, diesel, electric, heavy rail, light rail. If it has run on rails between 1825 and 2019 I'm interested. As my late friend Steve Sykes so aptly put it, "show me a side track and I'm off down it"!
    Model in 2mm Finescale but appreciate good modelling in any scale.

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  1. Hi Justin, I've been following this one: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/143039-6x1-quarry-aggregate-layout-set-in-the-80s90s/ All built with Finetrax and very nice it is too. Wayne deserves any support that people can give. Anything that may drag some away from Peco! David
  2. Tragic. My dream dies by the day. Indeed by 2040 my ashes will have been scattered to the winds on Woodstown Strand. David
  3. Thanks, David, that explains it perfectly. David
  4. I still can't see the difference in the roof panels between the original and modified. Has anyone got a roof shot photo to illustrate. It's not glaring at me! David
  5. Good decision, Angus. That Code 30 is a nightmare. Shame really as it could be very useful for lightly-laid prototype track. I'd be open to using it again if someone could suggest a foolproof method of straightening it in both vertical and horizontal profiles but it defeated me! David
  6. Which sort of rail have you used for the track, Angus? David
  7. 1963 York. Green but no yellow panel. As noted above it had received one by 1965. https://www.rail-online.co.uk/p766079789 The link doesn't take you direct to the photo but just page down to D352. David
  8. Hi Nick, Occasionally I have had a similar problem with locos using both conversion wheels and also the turned-down variety from Gordon. You need to be sure that other items pass through the point ok before being certain that it is a loco problem. There can be a problem with the wheels not centring properly so you need to check that the pick ups are applying even pressure to the wheels. The pick ups will have needed to be bent out further as our b-to-b is wider than N. After that I generally resort to shuffling the wheels around and testing the loco through the offending point. I use DG couplings single-ended so if the loco passes through pointwork in one direction but not the other then that is the way round it will always run with the couplings fitted appropriately. A bit of a cop out maybe . . . David
  9. This really is an excellent layout and the Finetrax makes a real difference to the appearance. If only more people would use it. I do disagree, however, about the hopper as the left hand end of the layout now looks rather unbalanced without it. David
  10. Meanwhile, seven years on and your fiver would have to be multiplied by ten to get a copy: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/offer-listing/0860932036/ref=dp_olp_used?ie=UTF8&condition=used But bibles should be valuable . . . David
  11. Not looking good . . . https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2019/jul/26/boris-johnson-appoints-arch-critic-of-hs2-as-transport-adviser Although Ms Truss has been moved on from the Treasury and replaced by Rishi Sunak of whom we know little. Although, quelle surprise, he's a Leaver! Oh, and he has a vast majority in North Yorkshire. His Wikipedia page is surprisingly brief: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rishi_Sunak My dream of travelling on HS2 before I shuffle off this mortal coil seems to be fading by the day. David
  12. Maurice, And an excellent newspaper on which to work if I may say so. Although its current contents are more likely to depress than inspire. I admire your ability to work in multiple scales. Every time I've worked in something larger than 2FS I feel as though I need my eyes recalibrated or a new set of eyes and larger tools to go with them! Any chance that you will be at Wells next month? David
  13. Lovely piece of work, Mike, and very atmospheric pictures. I love the concept of Cape Killarney but not much possiblity of rocket launches last time I was there, it was blowing a gale and the rain was horizontal! The moon landing brings back some nice memories for me. I was staying with an aunt and uncle, both now long gone, in Bristol. We watched the landing on television, all in black and white of course, we had a day at the cricket watching Gloucestershire v Lancashire and the rest of the time I had the delights of a South West Rover. All those hydraulics!! David
  14. That lever frame is almost as big as the layout, Angus! David
  15. The common denominator in the evolution of the RTR split frame chassis with bearings is Colin Albright. It was developed while he was at Bachmann and without knowing exact timelines he may well have been involved in the design of all the locos which have used this system. This has continued with his involvement with the NGS Hunslet shunter which will also be convertable to 2FS. RevolutioN have also confirmed to Jerry that the forthcoming 56xx uses the same system. On the occasions that I have spoken to Ben Ando he is quite supportive of the idea that locos with couple wheelbases, while being produced principally for N, can be converted to 2FS. Although the sales to 2FS modellers may be small compared to those to N gaugers they do represent additional sales with no detrimental effect on the main market. It seems a shame that Bachmann haven't taken the same view. I also agree that this is a worry for the revamped 8F. Anyone got any Bachmann contacts? David
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