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    Steam, diesel, electric, heavy rail, light rail. If it has run on rails between 1825 and 2021 I'm interested. As my late friend Steve Sykes so aptly put it, "show me a side track and I'm off down it"!
    Model in 2mm Finescale but appreciate good modelling in any scale.

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  1. Looks like it has been removed, Bryn. It definitely was there. IIRC it was a trial between Stephen and the Association with a view possibly to sell some of his kits via Shop 2. Looks like a success and they have all been sold! David
  2. Justin, I would give Dapol their due as those dimensions scale out to exact 1:148. No scale bending here! The Association does three 12' wheelbase underframes which are all 1:152. The L&Y underframe has weird brake gear and is nothing like the gear for the standard RCH 12' underframe. The GWR DC brake 12' underframe would go with the Parkside 21T kit as all the Parkside kits are 1:152. The other one is the standard BR 12' underframe with post-nationalisation axleguards unlike the more open versions on the SC wagon. If the underframe seems to be acceptable 'as is' then I would stick with it. Having, of course, got rid of those horrendous coupler boxes! David
  3. I'm sorry I don't, Steve. Whatever and whoever seemed to be very concerned about security with all those heavy duty window bars and CCTV cameras. It was quite a surprise to find it alive and well though. David
  4. That will be this one and happily it still exists or at least it did when I photographed it in 2012 (was it really nine years ago . . . !?) David
  5. Indeed and this from yesterday's Observer: https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2021/nov/14/government-to-finally-drop-plan-for-hs2-link-to-leeds-reports David
  6. An excellent choice if I may say so, Paul. An EE Type 4 never offends! I have these two in my stash. The couplings will have to go and they'll get 2FS wheels and probably sound. I look forward to further developments at 8N. David
  7. https://mailchi.mp/760b2d3b2716/introducing-the-east-west-main-line-partnership?e=ddca3c6ce6 Includes link to submission to Secretary of State prior to the autumn spending review. David
  8. 67015 at Holyhead on 16th September with 1V98 16.36 to Cardiff Central. Had worked in on 1W93 ex-Cardiff. David
  9. Thanks, Andy. I knew that I had seen something about this subject but couldn't remember when it was. The suggestions on that thread are useful. I have checked in my stash of wires and found that I have a coil of Nickel Wound 0.508mm banjo strings made by Vega of Nazareth*, Pennsylvania which I remember that I bought from a music shop in Cambridge about thirty years ago! This is about 0.005mm bigger than Nick's 0.45mm copper wire. Just to be on the safe side I have got a couple of coils of the copper on the way to me via ebay. Now that I'm back home I will also check out Pete Wright's article as suggested by a couple of contributors. Many thanks for the suggestions both on this thread and the previous one from last year. David * Could this be the same Nazareth as in The Band's song 'The Weight'? "As I pulled in to Nazareth, was feelin' about half past dead". I guess we will never know . . .
  10. I'd forgotten that, Rich. I'll have a check in my magazines. David
  11. Anyone got any ideas for producing tall vacuum pipes for wagons. Like this: https://paulbartlett.zenfolio.com/?q=m422441 Rather than just a single bent piece of wire I wondered if anyone had any success with a bit of extra detailing. David Sorry, this question should have been in 'Any Question Answered'! Must concentrate . . .
  12. Sadly, David, I only just squeaked an O level pass in Maths . . . Or, as Captain Mainwaring might have said "I wondered who would be first to spot that" David
  13. Thanks, Chris. I was thinking about 9.5mm wheels as with the 0.5mm flange they would be 10mm overall which would be close to the 5'2" of the 54xx. Did you decide on a gear combination for the chassis? David
  14. Chris, I had spotted those bodies at BR Lines and I have one of your chassis etches. Am I correct in thinking that it is suitable for a 54xx? David
  15. Absolute classics from Mr Kirkham, especially the first one. Does photo 2 show the Valleys' version of 'gentrification'? David
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