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    Steam, diesel, electric, heavy rail, light rail. If it has run on rails between 1825 and 2020 I'm interested. As my late friend Steve Sykes so aptly put it, "show me a side track and I'm off down it"!
    Model in 2mm Finescale but appreciate good modelling in any scale.

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  1. The GVT could be modelled in 4mm scale using 2FS components. At 1:76.2 using 9.42mm gauge equates to 28.26 inches. Not too far out I would suggest and also pretty close to the Snailbeach. And, yes, as a longtime 2mm Association member I have considered it . . . David
  2. The jig is made from two pieces of 15mm x 15mm pine strip of the sort available at DIY sheds. These sandwich a piece of ply which, as with all ply is a nominal size, in this case 0.5mm but is actually closer to 0.45mm. Interestingly the flangeway still works out ok and none of my locos or stock has any trouble with it. I should add that the square pieces of card at the ends are to keep the rails level when adding the nickel cross pieces. The sleepers are all ply or pcb. The pcb sleepers are from the Association and the ply versions are some that I had produced privately both as plain track sleepers and crossing timbers. I used to produce my own but decided that laser cutting was the better way. I could produce reasonable quality 2mm wide timbers for points but trying to produce conisistent 1.7mm wide plain sleepers was a bit of a nightmare. We did have some trouble with finding a nominal 0.8mm ply due to the usual variations of thin ply and the sleepers are about 0.9mm thick which has meant that the pcb timbers are boosted with thin paper attached to the underside. David
  3. And there is another way. On this very forum there is a useful area concerning 'Handbuilt track and Templot'. Now most of the discussion is for scales other than 2mm but then through most of my modelling life I have picked up most of my information from scales other than 2mm! If you follow this link: https://www.rmweb.co.uk/community/index.php?/topic/156112-simple-to-use-common-crossing-jig/ you will find a description of a jig from the EM Gauge Society and how to use it. If you then page down to an entry for July 1st you will see my version of the same jig but scaled down for 2FS. If you then move on to page 3 of the thread you can see how I made use of it. Entry date is September 10th. I do note that for filing and assembly of the vee I used the Association 1:6 jig. However, I have never been able to get on with the crossing assembly jig. Working upside down (!) always confused me, the strips across the underside of the rails never ended up in the right place and the distance from the nose of the vee to the knuckle never seemed to be the same as that on the Templot plan that I was using and invariably seemed to be too large. It may be my incompetence but it just didn't work for me. The EMGS jig design worked perfectly and the two points that I built worked with no further adjustment needed. David
  4. I am a bit puzzled by the point operation at Diss. The point in the foreground which gives access to the main line is hand operated. The point off the main line and the trap in the loop and the one in the loop siding must all be under the control of the signaller so why is there a hand operated point in the middle of them? David
  5. Remarkable Pete that the heading photo of Dungeness could double up as the windswept wilderness that is the Isle of Grain. Once seen, never forgotten! David
  6. I've found the BY at several retailers in the last couple of days as I'll probably be ordering one. Here's an example: https://www.hattons.co.uk/197002/dapol_2p_012_504_maunsell_brake_van_s766s_in_br_southern_region_green/stockdetail.aspx I better get the order in or they'll all be gone! David
  7. Back on July 1st I showed a photo of a hand-made version of the EMGS crossing jig which was to be used for making crossings in 2FS. As a refresher, here's a picture of the jig: I finally got around to using it last month so I thought that I would show how I got on. Firstly I'll show a photo of the 2mm Scale Associations jig by which the filing of the rails for the vee and its subsequent assembly are accomplished: This is a 1:6 but other angles are available. The next photo shows the jig being used to add the second wing rail (I forgot to take a shot of the first one!): Then a couple of photos of the crossing assembly in place on the turnout: Finally one of the finished turnout: All in all in what a very successful exercise and I shall continue to make use of the jig. The only mistake that I made was that when it came to soldering the assembly in place on the pcb timbers for the first couple of joints I used a slightly too large diameter of solder ball. This resulted in a larger joint than was required to get the half chair near to the rail. I did manage to file the joints back but they are still a little distant. Later joints were done more successfully with a smaller diameter of solder ball. As an aside I'll show the method of operation of the points using an idea from Megapoints. The mounting of the servo is the same but, sadly for their sales, I use hacked servos from which all the wiring, save those to the motor, has been removed. Operation is by a single AA battery via a DPDT bias switch and crossing polarity change is by frog juicer. Many thanks for drawing the jig to my attention, John, as I hadn't noticed it in the EMGS lists but I shall certainly be making use of my version in future. David
  8. At some point between 2018 and 2019 it must have been moved as I photographed it in exactly the same place as Jim found it. Arriving just-too-late, as I obviously have in the case of rail action on the Island, always takes me back to August 1967. Our holiday to the south meant that it was two weeks after the end of Southern steam and I had to make do with all the 'dead' locos that were stored in Salisbury shed. Just to compound the situation, Boots lost the films that I took in for processing after the holiday! The first 'live' Southern Pacific that I saw was at the Bluebell around a decade later. I am enjoying these photos of how it used to be on Vancouver Island and they are all much appreciated. David
  9. Does anyone know if 1D34 09.53 Manchester Piccadilly to Holyhead is still loco-hauled? RTT always shows the pathing as 158/168/170/175 but unless there is a problem it is usually Class 67 + hauled stock. I did wonder if, due to pandemic timetable changes, there may be enough units to operate this and associated diagrams. Unsurprisingly, I haven't been in North Wales much this year as, for much of it, I wasn't allowed in the country! David
  10. Chris mentioned in an earlier post that he had walked out from Victoria to the E & N yard at Victoria West and I did the same in May 2019. The bridge across the harbour which took the track into the city has now been replaced: The closest that the track now gets to the new bridge is a few hundred yards west at this bridge across Harbour Road: The track is complete from there onwards to the yard. This is a view looking west about half way between the above bridge and the yard: On entering the yard the main structure on view is the roundhouse: And some views of the yard itself. Firstly a view looking west across the turntable: Then looking east towards the city and those brooding condos. The exit towards the city is to the right between the pile of shale and the blue sign: Finally another view looking west: The poor old Esquimalt & Nanaimo seems to be, from what I have read, a bit of a football that is kicked around between those who would like the line to be revived and those who would like it to be converted into a walking/cycling route. I suspect that there is a bigger element that is casting eyes on this incongruous scene and seeing it covered in yet more condos with the profits from the sale of the yard going towards the walking/cycling route. To British eyes the scene brings to mind such sights from the 1960s/early '70s when closed stations and yards were often left to rot for a few years until the scrappers moved in, followed by the builders of another 'Beeching Close', 'Stephenson Way' or 'Old Station Close'! David
  11. Hi Andy, I don't know if this is the same issue. I uploaded two photos to a post and went to add a third but I had exceeded the 10mb limit. I deleted the second photo and decided to add a different one but the system told me that I had still exceeded the 10mb limit. I concluded that post at that point and started another one to use the two missing photos but when I went to add the first I got the 10mb warning again! At that point I gave up . . . David
  12. Thanks for the photos, Chris. A shame that I missed the E & N when it was still active, I would love to have bumbled north on the railcar. What a treat that it ran behind your late sister's garden! The Alberni Pacific hasn't run this year, apparently due to 'budget and equipment concerns' but their Facebook page does show that there is activity going on for maintenance. I was in Port Alberni on 21st May 2018, the day of my 57th birthday, but sadly it was not an operating day. Here's a photo that I took of the depot at Port Alberni: David
  13. Photos such as this remind me of why I love BC. We should have been back on Vancouver Island this month but a certain virus has knocked that on the head and now we have to wait until next May. Nine hours on Air Transat from Manchester to Vancouver is just about bearable when I know what is at the other end. David
  14. I still don't understand why they didn't simply redesignate third class as second class. If you have a nomenclature which uses 'first' then, by definition, the remaining alternative must be 'second'. This is similar to the marketing guff which describes modern second class as 'standard' whilst still retaining 'first'. A DTS will always be Driving Trailer Second to me! Chiltern Railways don't have any first class but do have the 'Business Zone' which can be used on payment of a supplement to a normal standard class ticket which does keep some alignment in the nomenclature. Business/Standard fine but First/Standard, it ain't right I tell you! David
  15. Deeply envious! I wish that there was a garden centre like that near me and, even if there was, the view would be blotted out by Network Rail's accursed eight foot high paling fence. David
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