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  1. Rob, Your layouts are an absolute delight. Your eye for subtle details and the ability to reproduce them in such a satisfying way is truly remarkable. Despite my seventy years on the planet I have never managed to acquire the observational skills which you seem to have but I live in hope! Looking forward to the 'bubble car' making an appearance! David
  2. Quite, quite brilliant, Alan. You did lose me around "The inspiration for the scheme . . . " Do you have it on a spreadsheet for me? Been reading 'Horselunges' again. You made us wait a couple of decades for Tweedale but it was worth the wait. Now don't go away again! David
  3. I do like 0395s but very rare in modelling circles. Well done, Jack. David
  4. Go on, Jack, you know you want to and we'll all be here cheering you on! David
  5. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-europe-56716708 Could it happen here? I don't think I'll be holding my breath! David
  6. Some good work in 2FS here, Simon. I expect you're glad that we now supply 3D printed axleboxes and springs! David
  7. They use overhead wiring otherwise it is an electric bus! VLR doesn't use wiring which is part of the lower cost. Steel wheel on steel rail will always be more efficient than rubber tyre on tarmac without mentioning rubber residue. David
  8. Specifically to Coventry the details are here: https://www.coventry.gov.uk/verylightrail There was a presentation by the Coventry City Council project manager on a recent webinar from the West Midlands branch of CILT. Coventry was half the webinar, the other half was about the reopening of Darlaston and Willenhall stations and associated passenger services. The Coventry project is really interesting as due to the lightweight nature of the vehicles the idea is that that the rails only have to lie within in the tarmac without the need for the expensive part of utility diversi
  9. Very nice too! John Smith still coming up with interesting ways to paint a loco. 66793 (and 794) are two of the Beacon Rail locos from Germany. According to the current issue of TRUK they have modified gear ratios and a 65 mph maximum speed, like the Freightliner 66/6s and are expected to work out of Tonbridge. Could anyone tell me why the ex-European owned 66s have a larger than usual horn housing such as can be seen on 66793? David
  10. Excellent work, as ever, Mike. That wire must be the best investment that you ever made and it's still going! David
  11. I know, tedious, isn't it? I think they've lost interest in N. They are onto 24/1s in 4mm. Grrr. . . David
  12. That's brilliant, Bryn. You may just have given me the push to try the same thing. I have JS-W's article about his 4mm conversions and they certainly change the look of the locomotive. Interested in your choice of 25043 which was a bit of a celebrity before it got a makeover at Derby works. Here it is at Carlisle in March 1976: The last green Class 25. Two months later Derby got their hands on it! David
  13. Yes, that's the one. I was trying to work out the time line for it as it doesn't seem to be present on the pre-large logo 37 photos. I think that @Nearholmer may have the right idea about what it is there for. Having checked Google Earth it isn't there now, just a large expanse of nothingness like the rest of the area around the station. Thanks for putting the extra photos up. David
  14. What is the structure behind the platform in the photos with the two Class 37s? It doesn't appear in any of the other photographs. David Edit: Just noticed that it seems to be present in some of Ernie's b/w photos
  15. These aren't coming from the EU. I've bought a number of motors from Chinese suppliers with no problem. They just drop through the letter box! There may be some consideration of the total value of the order but so far this doesn't seem to have applied. Having read about some of the new rules concerning VAT with the EU I suspect it may be easier to buy from China than from Germany! It seems that suppliers have to register for VAT with HMRC, charge VAT to the customer and then claim it back from HMRC. There are already some tales of European suppliers declining orders from the UK as they do
  16. Oh dear, more sweat shop working on the coaching stock front for John Aldrick "Drop the Great Western, John, we need teak, more teak!" David
  17. Hang on, isn't the quickest route Falmouth - Truro - Newquay the one via Chacewater? What's that? It's closed! Ah well, it must have slipped by me when I wasn't paying attention. I guess someone must have decided it wasn't needed any more . . . David
  18. Delightful work, as ever, Rob. Certainly doesn't look rushed to me! David
  19. And don't you hold back on the Code 40, Tim. The rest of your modelling deserves it! David
  20. Are the coaches in the infamous 'Stratford Brown'? What paint did you use to reproduce it? Really enjoying this layout's development. David
  21. Ian, Andy has pretty much answered this for your purposes but I'll just add a few comments. For all unfitted 16T mineral wagons 2-070 is the type to go for. Some were fitted with a 2-rib version but it was never widespread enough for it to be worthwhile producing the 2mm equivalent. In theory the wagons that had 4-shoe brakes and were vac fitted should have had 20.5" buffers (2-076) but, as far as I can see, this wasn't necessarily the case and you could stick with 2-070. These wagons were a bit of a minority until the rebodying programme increased their numbers. The real
  22. 45632 was a Newton Heath engine for the last couple of months before withdrawal in October 1965. Looking at maps I think that the signal box in the background is Dean Lane and the platform fencing is Newton Heath station. The engine is standing on one of the tracks which were on a lower level behind the platform. The photo looks like it was taken after withdrawal as the smokebox number plate and name plate have been removed. Manchester Victoria was a colour light area so I assume that Dean Lane would be a fringe box to the Victoria area. David
  23. https://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2020/oct/20/former-tree-of-the-year-felled-in-warwickshire-to-make-way-for-hs2 I've been a Guardian reader for over fifty five years but most of their coverage of HS2 makes me despair. David
  24. Photo of 69001 (56031) on Page 14 in the latest issue of Rail magazine. Looks a bit more civilized now it is back on its bogies! David Edit: Just noticed that it is the same photo as posted on Monday by Talltim. Unsurprisingly the photo is by Richard Clinnick who works for Rail!
  25. Hi Richard, What you need is a N Brass handrail jig: https://www.nbrasslocos.co.uk/kitimages/fitbr/n23284handrailjigweb.gif David
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