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  1. Hi Mike, thanks for the info. We were thinking of enclosing a set of Brian's etched plaques but decided to keep the costs down, as I wouldn't have wanted them factory supplied or fitted either so as to avoid 'wonky' or bad quality etches. The Shawplan plates should lay over the top as per the previous ones for those who want to add them. There is only one tool for these, and no modifications have been made to it from last time. To retool/modify would have prohibited this production run. Now that you've mentioned it I'll try filing the raised hatches and repainting to see how they look.. satin black should be easy enough to patch up! Alex
  2. Hi folks, Just to let you know MMRG Exclusives will have a stand at the Stafford show in February.. stocking our current limited editions along with 37026 in pristine and weathered varieties. Also.. a whole lot more 'custom' split box BR Blue class 37/0s and 37/3s which will be available in extremely limited quantities.. maybe just one loco of each type at the show. I'll put a list up on here over the weekend. This includes four 'white stripe' versions we've had made specially for us.. custom printing directly onto the model by Railtec Transfers. All other work done by myself. Alex
  3. The ploughs will be in stock by this time next week, We'll be in touch with everyone who has ordered re payment and address details, and we'll endeavour to process orders as quickly as possible but please be patient! If you haven't heard from us by the end of the month drop me a line.. Alex
  4. Renumbering EWS GM stuff is tricky, even back in Lima days. I always repaint the gold band entirely after sanding down the existing printing as it's the only way to get a colour match. The top of the gold band should be exactly one 'rib' below the first angle of the roofline, level with the cab windows.
  5. Thank you Sir, appreciated. This offer is for a limited time only (probably a week), so no problem. Starting with the right model saves a hell of a lot of work.. speaking from experience here! We've let Kernow have some 026s as it helps us both out, getting them in the mainstream market where people might not see our adverts or know of us. A lot of people still haven't heard of our endeavours. Alex
  6. Our Black Friday deals are now live on our website, mmrgexclusives.co.uk for a limited time only.. £20.00 off 37026, down to £149.99, and £15.00 off the engineers BG, down to £34.99. Same discounts off the weathered versions too. And yes I know it isn't Friday yet..! Alex
  7. Our Black Friday deals are now live on our website, mmrgexclusives.co.uk for a limited time only.. £20.00 off 37026, down to £149.99, and £15.00 off the engineers BG, down to £34.99. Same discounts off the weathered versions too. And yes I know it isn't Friday yet..! Alex
  8. Hi guys, we've had some good news.. the ploughs are now due for being air freighted to us in time for Christmas, so expect to hear from us in the next few weeks.. Alex
  9. Fantastic picture! Well I guess it's something to run with the new Bachmann red crane then. Ordered my crane last week as I didn't realise the red ones ran until 1987. Perfect Alex
  10. Further samples received and changes made, these should be in production very soon if not already! Alex
  11. I think the Accurascale PCA still takes top spot without a doubt, but this isn't too far behind. It's still in a different league to the Hornby christmas wagon.. LOL. Look forward to seeing yours weathered.
  12. Just ordered 5 of these, they look superb. Definitely a contender for wagon of the year here from the pictures. I'll do a review on my ABC Workshops 'Derby Works' Facebook page when I get a quiet mo. Genuinely looking forward to these landing on my doorstep.. I was originally only going to have three but they look so good I've upped it. Bet these don't hang around. Alex
  13. Super work! Exactly what I had planned on putting up if I had more time at the moment. Thank you Sir. Alex
  14. Thank you! Lots of potential with or without minor tweaks. Main thing is to avoid the flush boiler roof panel as found on 37096 onwards. Alex
  15. Loch Awe has arrived today. Quality checks are passed and all systems go! If you have already registered interest in 37026 (32-779Z) then look out for an email link to our website within the next week or two. If you don't get one then just visit mmrgexclusives.co.uk and purchase as usual when the product appears on the website, easy! If you require a weathered model drop me a line.. Many thanks for your support! Alex
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