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  1. In the days when adverts were (almost) worth watching, vey few recently that even make sense
  2. As a lay person, I can understand why the signaler has to know where the public are. I also think it gives the signaler an early warning if the public are a problem - if the public either can't give the crossing name or give an incorrect name then there is something wrong. As I said, just a layperson.
  3. agreed, I was on the cat in a moderately rough day & I found the movement very different to a normal ship, was not very pleasant, but the journey is short also been on the big ship going from Scrabster to Stromness & that can be rough but rides normally as a conventional ship, don't do it as often as you will
  4. Edwin, The Scottish Islands ferries receive a subsidy from the Scottish Government (Road Tarrif equivalent ?) to reduce the cost of travel to the equivalent of road travel. These ferries carry fewer passangers etc due to the rougher weather they encounter & many have open sterns to carry cargoes that can't be enclosed on a passanger ferry eg gas / oil. If anyone is flying Ryan Air to Dublin, then I estimate that the RA stance is about a mile from the barriers, there are moving walkways though.
  5. That means all the joggers should be wearing masks & how often should they be washed ?
  6. Agree with the johnster, cf the kyle line, the full brake was the middle of 3 coaches. Meant it always stopped at the same point on the platform for mail transfer.
  7. Good morning & enjoying reading about your layout. Not sure if you have solved the gravel question - I used sharp sand for platform gravel, possibly a touch golden, & was able to make lovely tyre marks as the glue set.
  8. Yes, destruction of packet, complete disinfection or return, the cost being passed on probably the the purchaser to reclaim from seller. We had a container which the dumbo warehouse staff stuffed with old pallets to wedge the contents, we persuaded the Aussie customs to disinfect & burn the pallets, rather than returning the container - expensive though. ps they are also sensitive about foodstuffs, so good thing we didn't sent said wh staff to sort it out.
  9. Robin, public liability is always very expensive, usually why commercial insurance is more expensive that private house insurance. Normal house insurance hardly touches it.
  10. Hi Paul, quite right, specifically looking for any photos of VAA / VAB underframes showing the layout of the undersides
  11. Had already looked at Paul's site Doc, thanks, didn't know about the other Jo. Managed to place some of the heap of castings, bur some are still looking for a resting place.
  12. Good evening All Can anyone point me to clear photos of the underframes for modern air braked vans. I am having some trouble placing the various parts of the central underframe, being more used to pre-grouping single brake block wagons ! I know, blame it on the lockdown Many thanks
  13. Looking at racing dinghies, the most common ones in 1960 were probably the Mirror (11ft), N12 (12ft), Enterprise (13ft) & GP14 (14ft). All types are still sailed, though they have changed over the years especially the N12, which I used to race. All could be home built in these days. The N12 was designed prewar & one of the requirements was to fit in the guard's van or luggage compartment of most carriages, they were 12ft by about 5ft wide. I think there is a film of them being unloaded at a seaside station for a national or regional championships, and being wheeled through the streets to the club on their trollies. There were probably CCTs or GUVs involved as the masts would be more difficult to carry, being 15 to 20 ft long (apart from the Mirror).
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