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  1. Can't answer your query directly, but I think the council were not happy at the position of the new station, which might indicate that they were not involved in the design / build.
  2. duncan


    Well done to all & thanks, I know how frustrating it can be from work. Just good to be back.
  3. The Fat Controller mentioned sports cars, that did happen to us on a run many years ago. The whole convoy ended up in a car park, don't ask, it was one of these days. We did a circuit to clear the entrance before leaving, we were not parking. The oldest cars could just clear the barrier, but the newer mark's windscreens are a couple of inches taller & didn't. Enter complete mayhem as we tried to find some change. I think we finally lifted the barrier a couple of inches to escape. ps, to keep within the topic, we did not scratch the bridge ( ie barrier) !
  4. Not me personally - I can remember in the mid to late '80s, I flew regularly from London to Glasgow & back. Being young and fit, I was either given a seat at the emergency exit or the front row, both more leg room. There was obviously a note on the computer that I had been spoken to about how to manage the exit & also, if I was not required for that seat, would I "escort" a lone child. Said children were brought onto the plane by the stewardess, often having been escorted by them through the airport from a different flight. My job was to keep an eye on them, keep them busy if nervous etc. Never needed to do anything except chat, as they had often come long haul solo & were now on the home leg, having more flying hours than me. I think it was also to keep them from pestering the stewardesses on a short flight, not that they did. Most were in the 10 to 14 age range.
  5. Looks like we will need to do a spot of Chinese style industrial research, ie purloin the secrets from them
  6. Looks to have a wrap round windscreen, I thought the 303s had been rebuilt with flat windscreens before the 311s would be built ? Never saw them until the 70s, as we lived in deepest rural Ayrshire till then.
  7. Might just justify a (purchasing) holiday in the UK
  8. Trying to reverse the boat trailer is a pain, as the side of the dinghy is a continuous curve & not a constant one. There is no straight bit. The middle is 2 m wide, the back a lot less & the bow 2cm. Add in a mast which comes most of the way over the car & can be awfully close to things at a tight bend. Just easier to unhitch.
  9. As LMS2968 mentions above, the first big CR 460s (early 20thC) were sometimes split at Glasgow until the turntable was renewed. I think more often run round the Cathcart Circle to turn them, possibly 15 mins ? edit light engine
  10. You could try emailing or phoning Ian www.iankirkmodels.co.uk
  11. A word of warning regarding foam for storage. Some of the foam can crumble to dust & stick to the stock, guess how I know. I don't know exactly what type of foam it was, fairly soft thin sheets. It was also quite old, having been recycled from scientific glassware boxes. The boxes were kept in a dark cupboard, do UV / sunlight was not an issue. I would suggest the best foam might be harder ones & check regularly. Does anyone knows the properties of different foams ?
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