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  1. English loco works were known to misspell Highland Railway (gaelic) loco names on occasion, upset the staff a wee bit apparently
  2. I have mentioned this before but topical here, a lorry sat-nav would have been very useful. With a previous employer, I was having to do some deliveries in the 7.5 t to help out, it was one of the the very bad winters with a lot of snow. The country roads were basically ploughed to a single lane with snow banks on either side, not much of a problem as not many people were out. Anyway, turned off the main road, on to a narrow country road & after about a mile came to a longish single lane bridge, concrete slabs on pillars. I didn't like the look of it, so stopped & considered it. Decided not to cross as I was fully loaded (also it looked a bit too narrow for me), had to reverse back to the main road. That was when I noticed the 3 ton restriction sign which had been uprooted by the snow plough, and was half hidden in the snow bank. There was no other warning sign between the main road & the bridge, maybe it too had been uprooted. Yes, I used my intelligence, but I am not a bridge engineer, so could have tried to cross it. A sat-nav would have at least warned me in advance.
  3. Is it a requirement to stop at red temporary lights, read somewhere (can't find it now of course, so could be talking rubbish) ? Thought it was only permanent ones or possibly temps which an order or something.
  4. Polybulk in 7mm https://invertrain.com/product/polybulk-bogie-hopper-wagon/#tab-description
  5. There are many photos of the gentry's steam yachts in Oban, often I suspect connected with Royal Highland Yacht Club events. Incidently, the RHYC is one of the few clubs allowed to fly a plain blue ensign, most royal clubs have to fly a defaced one (ie with a badge).
  6. Is it a good idea to have gangways which are wider than the fire exits, surely that could lead to a crush at the exits ?
  7. The crisp flavour is a very valid point - vegans would object if it was smokey bacon
  8. continuous professional education apologies, assumed people would know I hope it includes how to use a sat-nav !
  9. At least the pilot was NOT navigating by the railways, if he was a bit of CPE would be in order
  10. Being pedantic (& legal), Scotch is always spelt whisky
  11. That lorry also looks to be very unevenly loaded, with the weight suspended behind the axles.
  12. To me, Runswick Bay sums up what is best about circular layouts
  13. Anyone placed a bet on when the first rent a truck hits the raised bridge ?
  14. no helmet, looks like the bike was not roadworthy, teenager riding on the road illegally ?
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