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Looking For? Photo of Hanwood Colliery wagon WITH a Llandebie PO next to it..


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Over the weekend, I heard that a photo had been seen with a Hanwood wagon and next to it a PO based in Llandebie.
As Central Wales Line owned PO wagons (other than Colliery) are like hen's teeth, I'm interested.
There was a reference to the HMRS too, but checking their site and the latest 1,275 photo's they have listed, I can't find anything...
ANY help to where I may view a copy would be appreciated...


Should be 'Llandeilo'.. Arghhhhh

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Many thanks, Uhmnn,

Longden, Salop.

So not 'The Icon' at Longdon Hill End....  :nono:


I wonder if all the photo's are still in the Pub by what was the the Central Wales LNWR Station at Killay, Clyne Valley, Nr. Swansea.

At least 20 of them were mine, lent back in the 1970's.

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