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Toms LNER Workbench - Comet V2 Chassis


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13 hours ago, grob1234 said:


Hi Tom,


If memory serves correctly, I used Pheonix P56 for the bogies and skirts, and P54 for the main body colour. It's all a little bit iffy, as any colour renditions/pictures of the coaches show a great variation in tone. Best to go with what you 'feel' is correct. Either way, you can be guaranteed that someone will disagree ;)


Thank you so much Tom, 


I'm a younger modeler (24) who between finishing my degree and sitting at home during lockdown 1,2 & 3, spent a bit of time watching you and other modelers learning how to work on brass kits. Sounds odd but my first brass kit was an LNER J68 in 7mm, I have attached a photograph, not quite as excellent as some people on here, but I am pleased with the result. Because of this I have also pulled myself up by the ankles to finish off the Gr King Streamlined P2 kit conversion fitting the working valve gear...Of course my luck that Hornby Announce a model of the same product just as I finish mine Grrr!!!


I've been putting together a plan to have a go at the same kit of the Silver Jubilee (although doing the 7 car version) I have a good friend of mine who has been building kits for a number of years, and has been mentoring me through this process, hopefully once we're allowed too, we're going to work on this together to achieve a great result. 


I have the A4 already to go ;)


Thanks again 




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6 hours ago, richard i said:

For a first attempt at a brass loco kit, that is very good. If it runs as well as it looks, it will be an absolute cracker.



Thank you, she run's brilliantly! Had a little help from a few people who've mentored me on getting the loco running so smoothly. 


4 hours ago, grob1234 said:

Very nice Tom.


7mm as well!


You won't regret your conversion of the streamlined P2. I made a W1, and there is no chance I'd swap it for the Hornby one.


I've certainly not regretted it! I have felt a little low because it's no longer unique as an average joe who's not prepared to build kits. But that's why I've moved to the SJ & future the Coronation. I'm saddened that there are so little kits available and those that are. Sadly at my age it's very hard to find or get what you're looking for. 



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