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sisters 122 and B121.


Standing at P2 Woodvale junction. Tempted to retrospectively modify B121 to also have see through grill which was inspired by seeing the amazing MM pre-production sample two years ago.


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Bachmann Woolwich Mogul N class with a local mixed goods train



Market day. Cattle and fuel coming to town.  



First test run below after DCC conversion. Wired Lenz Silver decoder in the tender as no space in the loco body or boiler. Had to make some mods to the loco and tender to facilitate the conversion including replacing the original plastic articulated coupling with a traditional wire hoop on the tender and a wire hook on the back of the loco body. A bit of fun fitting it anyway.



DCC conversion required a few mods including replacing the plastic articulated coupling between the loco and tender with a traditional wire hoop and hook. Wired Lenz Silver decoder fitted in the tender.


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