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Weathered 1980s Blue - Locos and Stock

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  • 3 weeks later...

Nice work dude! I like the crushy rust on the waggons..........how did you do that?





I adapted this technique.



What I would add is.

I started with grey wagons as you can make them as clean or as rusty as you like.

Paint the bottom half with frame dirt.

Remove the loads and paint them matt black.

I also painted patches, squares of rust on the wagons before applying the technique outlined in the video

And applied various different data panel transfers.


The technique shown above provided a great result. However the colours were a bit crude for my liking so I got my weathering powders out and toned them back. As well as applying the powders over the frame dirt on the base of the wagon.

Finally re insert the coal loads and hit them with a bit of matt black powder.

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Love the TTA, I thought it was a pic of a real one at first. Keep the pics coming.


Thanks for the nice comment. I have a rake of six of them all with different effects on each side. I will aim to have big photo session early next week.

I managed to improve them and the 16t minerals since these pictures were taken. But I only have a phone camera ...so I will see what I can do




Not the best but I have just found this

A 31 trundling along with the TTAs



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I have moved the layout into better light to get some more shots.

I will photograph more locos and stock over the next two days.


First up 31270 with two hand built HTVs. I have tried to capture the way the dirt seemed to fall on the side of 31s

Will post up pictures of 31117 (Both the 31s need new glazing, which I will do soon)


Stick a camera up close it shows all the blemishes!

















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Next up one of my pet favourites. 47076.

I would like that thank Ken (tractor_37260) very much for helping me with parts for my Heljan 47s, As without him I would not have been able to complete them. This was dropped. So it has had new buffer beams and detail, new windows and I have made new handrails to improve on the old ones. Etched plates, I have tried to replicate the crud that would build up under them.  Next Heljan 47 will be 47324 with glazing for it thanks to Mr Ken.












47076 is on some a set of filthy looking SPAs





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The problem with fixing Rob is that it knocks back much of the effect of powders. So you spend much time getting the right look and then fixing it takes half of it away.

What I have done is weathered using paint and then powders then fixed. and then revisited with powder afterwards I then tend to work it in, knock off the excess with a soft brush but in quite a hard manner, which means that it minimises the powder when coming off. And I handle them with care.


So the short answer is given the choice I would not fix....unless someone has found some magic matt varnish put there.


And yes snap - I am also looking forward to getting my hands on some Peco bullhead for my next projects. I wish it had been about when I built the layout this stock is pictured on.


All the best


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