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Ground signal - McKenzie & Holland - drawing?

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The (extract from a) photo in this post came via Chris Brown (fellow S7 modeller)... with the question "who made it?". I passed the photo to Ian Pope  (yet to be converted to the broader gauge) who was able to put a name to the maker's plate on the base - McKenzie and Holland. A search of the net, using the string "McKenzie Holland ground signal" produced some images of equipment with similar characteristics although none was an exact match (closest being an exhibit at Ingrow, K&WVR).




When was this type of signal introduced?


Does it feature in a catalogue of signalling components?

How does the operation of the pull wire lead to rotation of the lamp case?


Anyone know of a drawing suitable for making a few 7mm examples?


thank you, Graham

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The signal at Levisham. Not the same as the one in the OP but the same principle.



Photo C E Steele 2014.


When the signal rotates the green side shows towards the driver. The rear of the lamp case is painted white.

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No help on a drawing but another photo. Check out the Bluebell Railway museum website photo archive. There is a picture of one at Rowfant on the LB&SCR.


Saxby, not McK&H, supplied the Brighton's signalling.

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Below is an extract from a MacKenzie & Holland catalogue.  Although the original of these are obviously a scale drawing, there is not scale on the drawing I have.


There were variants of different heights, where the post was extended vertically.


Wizard do a 4mm and 7mm version of this 



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