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Foxfield Diseasel day (with added steam)

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5050 and I visited the Foxfield Railway, today, to sample the delights of various oil-engined devices. Three of the home team, plus one Swindon-built hydraulic (which I didn't use up any pixels on, what with it being Western and British Rail and all) and the added bonus of an Austerity deputising for another diesel.


Bagnall Wolstanton No.3.





Thomas Hill Vanguard 111c (rebuild of a Sentinel 4wVBGT)






Note the slightly swept back cab front. Some had the front straight up and down, as on the RT Models kit.




Austerity Wimblebury






"Giz a go, Mister!" 5050 takes the controls of Wimblebury in the colliery yard, thanks to Nigel (Avonside 1586 of this parish).




Andrew Barclay diesel-hydraulic.



I wish I had taken a tape measure with me to measure up this rare beast. A John Fowler 0-6-0DM. Definitely one that needs to be modelled.




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Nice! I had no idea that the 0-6-0 Fowler existed! Fascinating. Thank you for sharing the pictures.



That Fowler 0-6-0 looks like an enlarged 0-4-0 of the type used by the MOD etc. Many were sold as surplus and the Severn Valley Railway had one in its early days. Sadly because it wasn't steam it was gas axed.


One day Mr & Mrs Edge !!!!!

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Not much to add to Dave's photos apart from possibly this one which shows the Thomas Hill pretending to be a steam loco - or perhaps it needs a good de-coke!




It was a beautiful day (as was the full English breakfast) and I got a bit surnburned.


And I'm not rising to the bait about the products of Swindon - even though I realised when I uploaded my photos that I hadn't got one of the Class 14!!

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