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1962 first GM delivery

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CIE Take delivery at Woodvale junction on Kingsbridge layout of first GM loco 121 class circa 1961. The grey delivery livery had been washed off during the night before craning the loco onto the outside mainline loop in preparation for short delivery run down the incline to Kingsbridge loco sheds. Being 1961 there is none of the excitement of Tara junction and yellow hi-vis jackets had not yet been invented B121 arrived up on a 42ft flat wagon from the docks hauled by B165 which is not yet to be delivered for another two years! Time travel and magic on a model railway - anything goes! :) 




The bemused railway man standing in platform two with his lunch box wonders what all the fuss is about. Diesel/Electric will never catch on he's been telling everybody in the depot for weeks. "You wait till one of those fancy yokes get stuck trying to get up the incline out of Cork?" No hard hats nor little yellow people back then, no reverse beeping and no flashing lights, just lanterns, steel and a not of chains and shouting. The girders were supposed to be used to stabilise the crane but the operator decided to wing it such was the limited swing of the crane over the adjacent rails. One fears a youtube accident! 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeFy-5UVP5-tkFTCa69Nr:) The little blue plastic people at Woodvale junction have a lot to learn from the little yellow plastic people who live and work on Tara junction. The little blue people are rather sedate by comparison and are only used to seeing black and white traffic lights. But at least nobody got injured and nobody fell off the loco. 1f642.png?_nc_eui2=AeFy-5UVP5-tkFTCa69Nr:) Ba br bbb



Up the yard, swing her around mick and we'll drop her on platform 2 loop. Don't waste time with the stabilisers she's only a little yoke. weighs less than half a J15.


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Luckily with TT able to bypass the grey/silver livery as well. Not so sure the crane boys that  happy go lucky. Second crane spreaders and suitable lift eyes all to come from depot.  The crane could however spend time lifting match and jib wagon out of the way as a bit of warm up practice before a quick refreshment in the local bar- best place for a team talk and keep the GM rep out of sight of the later lift.


A possible safe lift would be to have crane on same track and lift off wagon for a straight drop down. No swinging the 121 about in the clouds.  It will be good to see the commissioning runs later .


great model and pics

HNY Robert   

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Interesting cameo.


A tandem lift using two cranes and no circus acrobatics by the slingers/banksmen would have been more realistic. A single 70t steam crane would have been very close to its load capacity lifting a Yank.


Crane drivers and slingers/banksmen usually have an almost leisurely methodical approach to carrying out their work, getting it wrong while working with a crane can be very expensive and extremely dangerous.


A single 70t steam crane would have been very close to its load capacity lifting a Yank.


Lifting a loco such as a small GM would usually involve a tandem lift using two cranes using twin chains at the buffer beams https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Breakdown_cranes_lifting_a_GWR_Castle-class_locomotive_(CJ_Allen,_Steel_Highway,_1928).jpg


or spreader beams at the lifting points. https://www.azrymuseum.org/roster/ASARCO_Plymouth_81/Pics/DSC_0106.JP the last thing you would want to do is damage the load!


The slinging (guiding the crane & attaching the load) would be carried out from ground level, no banksman in their right mind would work at the same level as the block (big hook)

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Of course close to 70 tons on a standard container flat , would be a sight to behold , not to mention the inability of the loading gauge to accomadate same , of course Rule 0 does apply :D

:) yes indeed my toy choo-choos running on my toy trainset. I play trains in its own imaginary little world where physics and timetables follow different sciences than modelling of the real world. :) I’m just a big kid on the inside and have no allusions otherwise. :)

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