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  1. I'm sorry this luddism. DCC works extremely well when installed and configured by people "who know what they are doing TM", like all things some basic knowledge mst be acquired.
  2. Are you’re sure you’re triggering correctly
  3. The issue is some decoders will not work without a motor connection. You may need to fit a dummy resistor to “ fool” the non motorised sound decoder , watch the wattage of the resistor. equalky as there is no BEMF feedback you may find the sound does not track the “ engine progress” as well as it should.
  4. The iPhone does not need an internet connection to remain connected to tcpip this is either a z21 issue or a setting on the iPhone Ip we use the z21 we don’t have your issue. insusoect you have a iPhone setting issue
  5. Really you want to avoid paralleling controllers to bridge track sections it’s a kludge. The best method is section switching where you transfer the complete source to destination track route to the necessary controller that’s then used to drive the train from the source to the destination Yes it requires more switching but the end result is worth it. This is much more satisfying then trying to cross “ controller “ districts and trying to align speeds etc.
  6. My point about paper templates is that you can build in transistion curves whereas tracksetta a can’t handle those and therefore creates those old style fixed radius track configurations which look bad these days
  7. Why bother with tracksetta style solutions. Just print paper Templot templates and glue or pin the track to paper templates . This allied allows you to deploy transition a curves etc ideally can’t see the point of physical templates when we have computer template generators like Templot
  8. I’m a fan of modifying real life stations and track formations. This avoids the “ you toy train “ look that I don’t like with track that makes no sense and is often meaningless operstion. remember real track were designed for a purpose
  9. I think it’s clear from my experience you either provide very stable barriers or none at all. Too many shoes use feeble restraints and in my view I suspect expose the organisers to issues if the barriers are not resistant to the public leaning on them. we used full metal barriers for most shows and these tend to handle the “ crush” it’s certainly a big issue. I’d prefer to have no barriers then flimsy ones that could potentially mislead the public that a solid barrier exists
  10. Does anyone know if there are any “ open source “ dcc decoder projects within good reputations
  11. Sadly a drawback of 802.11 is the beaconing ssid protocol. In areas of large concentrations of “ curious “ clients even though they have no hope of passing MAC Authentication , they bombArd access points with authentication requests that have no hope of succeeding. It’s a drawback of ssid beaconing sadly the best is no ssid beaconing but this can cause some clients to not connect
  12. I use fusion 360 acedemic license I find it the best all round 3D design. Steep learning curve. I use both FDM and resin and have just ordered a 8K resin unit. Both have peculiar strengths and applications. well worth the learning curve, in fact I now use CNC in many parts of layout and yea k building as I also have cnc milling and turning capability here’s my 3D servo assisted lever frame design.
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