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This strange instrument was found amongst the workshop I purchased from a retired engineer/modelmaker some years ago and it has confounded far more experienced brains than mine. I also acquired at the same time a large collection of ME mags going back to the 1950s and searching them has not yielded anything.

It fits the lathe bed of my Myford 7 and has a toggled centre pin enabling  maybe a disc shaped workpiece to be mounted under the swivelling pointer arm.


There aren't any graduation markings visible.


Someone out there must have an idea!DSCI3269_2.JPG.0f2c060e9ecd2a97512aa53f40313fe1.JPGDSCI3270_2.JPG.c85a59a7de598e6e143b51d6ce301a6c.JPGDSCI3271_2.JPG.fc2435a3871491ced86b4f2e8df14569.JPGDSCI3272_2.JPG.03c477340cff7d32c8b3f38cdf4eacc8.JPGDSCI3272_2.JPG.03c477340cff7d32c8b3f38cdf4eacc8.JPG

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Looks a little like it may have been made for a specific job, perhaps to align a part when setting up ?.  It's not unusual to make a fixture to help speed up a process. 

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A tad late, so apologies. Is it a base for a DTI clock?





Edit. Having had another look, it appears to be an adjustable angle bracket to hold a clock via and onto the lathe bed. The profile of the lower segment would appear to be a centre-specific piece. The upper portion likewise. 

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