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  1. Didn't Mr. Nock publish a book entitled 'The power of the Great Western Fruit vans?
  2. Luckily for me, the 47xx never made it to my neck of the woods. I really, really wanted one, but the horror stories put me off. I'll just have to suit myself with a (another) 56xx...
  3. Hello Folks. Some months back, I espied a a 3D printed model for a Bulldog on Ebay, plus other parts. The problem is, I can't find the listings now. Any ideas? Cheers, Ian.
  4. Sometimes, the pump lubrication needs a top-up. The 'click' is the non-return valve closing down on its seat.
  5. I'll be following this thread with interest. I would have thought that a Dean Goods model might be the ideal starting point, having the right size wheels, and the brake rigging. I'm off to have a look at the OPC books, Dean Goods to 39xx. Wheels, spacing, etc.
  6. I can relate to that. Mrs Smith has got a lot going on with different things; all external. In my case, she gets respite from me, which suits me fine. The solitude at times is absolute bliss. The shed continues, with glazing and lighting, but I'm master of my fortunes, so an hour here, and an hour there, keeps the interest going, and planning the next 'hour'. I think we all know that the weather plays a huge factor in our lives. The last 6 days have been pretty good, hence the mood. Stick with it, Folks!
  7. Vote #2 from here. Like most Western locomotives, the pump is driven from a crosshead take-off/connection.
  8. A drunk goes to hospital. "Doctor, Doctor, I've broken my arm! "Goodness, so you have! How did that happen? "Liver function test.... "WHAT!!! "I passed my liver function test, so I went to the pub to celebrate. 8 pints of cider, and well, you can guess the rest.....
  9. Dump bomber? No..... Other ideas spring to mind, but I'd be banned from here quicker than sh!t off an....
  10. Some white goods, being fitted with a fused plug means very early retirement for certain items. So it was with Mrs Smiths pressure washer, which was slated to go. "What's wrong with that? It's only a few months old! Ah, sez her, "it won't work, cheap rubbish, I'll get another". Check fuse? yes, it's working. Hello, what's this? It turned that the spring fuse clips are too wide, meaning no contact through the live feed. 2 minutes with the plug, and hey presto! Live feed returned! I do wish my jobs were that simple.
  11. Sometimes, with a site with restricted access, the project will be deliberately over ordered. After all, you can't really cart a 6 metre length of steel pipe around a city centre. We had 3 contractors in our plant room, one each for gas, fire, & solar/hot water. We, doing the solar part, was the last phase of the project. However, the earlier contractors just left whatever excess, and went to their next contract. My old boss was a bit new at this game, and couldn't believe how much was left. Suffice to say, the next job comprised about 50-60% of excess from the previous job.
  12. You might have heard about the late Malcolm Rowe; facilitator extraordinaire.... Also mentioned in Mojo & State of mind... The phone call.. "Smithy, do you think you can hire a 7.5 ton flatbed? "yes, no problem. Why do you need me to hire a truck? "I've just had a 'donation' of 22,000 bricks from a building site in Llantrisant that's being cleared.. I thought I was very good at this sort of malarkey: In fact, I was just a pup...
  13. I don't particularly go skip diving, but I've had my moments. My biggest 'haul' was in Havenstreet, IoW... "Ere, Smithy, can you get some broken pallets for loco firewood? "No problem, how many? "Oh, about 20, a Transits worth' Next day, Transport Manager. " I've got a lorry-load in the yard, which is full, about 400". "I can't take that many! He gripped my arm.. "It's either that, or eff-all! Apparently, they lasted a year, and one or two railway members recovered quite a bit for garden fences, etc. I forgot to say, the 'deal' included seconded driver, trailer & unit
  14. Thank you kind sir; I didn't realise that was possible!
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