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Small loco works, 3d printed models

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2 hours ago, drduncan said:

Always pleased to see more BG stuff but what is it?


I know it’s not Dido or Argo 0-6-0st, or Europa, or  a 3521, or a Hawthorn saddle tank....(guess what my build list comprises of....)


a Leo, pre rebuild, they were soon converted into saddle tanks, Ill likely also do the Sun class which were rebuilt with equal swiftness

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While good to see so much early stuff going up on Shapeways, there seems to be no guarantee that any of it will actually print.  For instance, have you yet managed to fix the chimney and dome for Jenny Lind, as I currently have a, rather expensively useless, 4/5s of a loco but cannot complete? 

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