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James May's Big Trouble in Model Britain.

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This was a very interesting, very well-made and quite well researched mini-series, with a bit of humour from James May.


Just one thing (well, two):


The impression was given that Hornby did the first RTR (ready-to-run) Terrier, and have always had a Terrier in their catalogue. This is, of course, not true. The first RTR Terriers appeared in the late 80's - not from Hornby, but from Dapol. Hornby bought the Terrier (together with a lot of other models) from Dapol in the 90's. It's about time that the Terrier was updated, and the joke is that it is again Hornby and Dapol (for Rails of Sheffield, in Sheffield) who are making them. But to suggest that the Terrier has always been a Horny mainstay is, as Bernard Woolley put it, a consignment of geriatric shoe manufacturers.

Also, why did May mispronounce Dapol? The name comes from David and Pauline Boyle, and is pronounced 'day-pol'. I can understand the English being unable to pronounce the 'ch in 'Bachmann' properly, but 'dappol' is in the same league as 'pie-ko' for the German company Piko.

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