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MR161 Oct 2011 (oh the joys of the free railway magazines box at The Locoshed, Whitefield, Manchester!)  featured "Brewhouse Quay" by Chris Nevard, which used Caboose Hobbies ground switches to operate the points. The supplier is listed as MG Sharp models, but the listed website comes up with a message "This domain is available for purchase" (which sort of suggests that the website no longer exists). Does MG Sharp still trade - every other search I did came up with business information with "closed" against it!


Furthermore, a search on Amazon came up with several results ranging from a pack of five throws for £13.99 (free postage) to a pack of five for £48.00 plus postage, and even a single throw for £44 plus postage, all HO scale! I'm aware that there are Arthur Daley types out there, but should there be that kind of discrepancy in cost?


So, can anyone tell me how much I should expect to pay for a pack of five, and also suggest any suppliers (other than Amazon, as I don't like their attitude to paying tax!)? Perhaps even a correct website for MG Sharp (if still trading)?


Thanks for any advice


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I am in Canada, so I got mine directly from the fellow who makes them.


He was very helpful.

There are different sizes, and they come with or without internal springs. I model in OO but there were a couple of places I wanted to try the smaller size (designed for N scale) with a shorter throw, for some hand built OO turnouts. They worked well too.



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