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Wanting to replace the couplings on my New BNSF GP38 by Atlas in 1:160

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Well this is a model that I'd never expect to purchase since they are hard to find, I'm very thankful! and excited to run it, I bought it today online, its not even here yet, since its still in transit, I'm eagerly awaiting its however... I'm wanting to know how to replace couplings on a N scale Atlas DC GP38 in with the More "Toy Like" British Lone Star Couplings to haul some of my much older Die-cast Treble O Lectric items, Its Appreciated!  


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Hello Max,


I am a fan of the American couplings; I use the Micro-Trains Line Z coupling for my Nn3 models. If I was you I would try to keep the existing ones on your model as they are representing better the real knuckle couplers. I'm afraid I couldn't advise you on any "Toy Like" couplings but please note that you may be asking the questions in the wrong section of the forum. This is the 2mm Fine Scale area of the forum - although near to the commercial N scale there are big differences. I'd say the best place to get answers would be the "Modifying & Detailing RTR stock" section of RMweb.


Good luck,



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I'd be more inclined to keep the loco as it is, & get a freight car to use as a "barrier wagon", with a 'normal' coupling at one end, & the 'toy' coupling at the other.

It'll be far easier to change the coupling on a freight car, & would keep the value of your loco up as well, especially if it's a rare livery version.

 I doubt there's much demand for a modern model loco with Lone Star couplers?

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