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UK Sausage Week (railway connections to Calne)

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Just heard on the radio that it's going to be UK Sausage Week (from 28th Oct to 3rd Nov 2019)


As a strong believer in traditional fair (when it's good), I wondered how we could play our part in this new tradition (sic). As I'm in Wiltshire, I've decided we might reopen the Calne branch line, especially for low-footprint transport to the Harris Sausage factory. That's low-carbon footprint, not porky footprints.




It looks like the last of the rail transport for Harris was by vans attached to an Autocar arrangement. Not sure if they ever did that when the DMUs were introduced? Were there ever Harris-only freight trains?


Apologies in advance for any vegetarian readers who may wish to substitute a different kind of factory. Please feel free to do so with the attached image of the AnyRail layout. I'd share the AnyRail file as well (but as it's not one of the accepted file types, I'm not sure how).



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Just found an answer to the DMU question ( c/o Railcar.co.uk )


Class 116 operations in 1958



After seven weeks of driver training turns the first phase of the Bristol Suburban dieselisation scheme was introduced on the 5th October '58. At this time there were just four DMU rosters, three for the Bristol local services and one for the Chippenham - Calne branch. 3-car sets were used, except for Suns to Fris on the Calne branch, when the centre car was removed to enable the two power cars to tow the sausage vans from C&T Harris's works at Calne.



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The vegetarian option can be nicely catered for by traffic to & from the veggie sausage, pie, burger & mince factory at Quorn, GCR, recently established adjacent to the goods yard. The Quorn Wagon Group are preparing a special Sausage Van which can be hauled by a Class 101 DMU or pickup freight. You can even have a veggie sausage breakfast in the Griddle Car when dining services resume - hopefully soon!


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The loco would be LNER D49 ‘The Quorn’ of course, you could try a steam-cleaned 6 wheel Palethorpes sausage van (both Hornby) or a lwb  Fish Van, there is a blue one in the van rake.

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IMO, the Hornby sausage vans (there is an LMS and GWR version, but both are the same model) are quite horrid below the solebars.  The LMS body is correct but, in the best Hornby tradition, 4mm too short. 


I upgraded both of them at great effort:



You might want to check out this kit:




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