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Cholsey & Moulsford (Change for Wallingford)

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Slightly frustrating - Saturday afternoon.

I was preparing the latest installation in the storage area, a left hand point (centre, right in the photo):



When I found a problem with the adjacent double slip that I had glued into position the day before:IMG_20210117_1116080_rewind.jpg.348adc4c4819b303e8c18bdad4f2ac04.jpg


The blades and tiebar, on the right, had become loose and floppy, without the normal, positive switching between positions. Clearly the centering spring had come out of position during installation.


With most Peco pointwork this wouldn't be too much of a problem since the spring cover can be removed from above,and the necessary repair/adjustment carried out, before replacing the cover. Not with a double slip though. On these you can only get to the springs from below.


So I had to carefully separate the slip from the Copydex and foam underlay with a Stanley knife blade. Fortunately, I managed this without serious damage to the foam. I then had to remove the spring cover, at which point the spring shot out. Luckily I have a few spares, but these are more tricky to trim to size and insert in the slip than a normal point, and I lost another one in the process. The spring cover got a little damaged during removal but, at least, clipped back into position alright at the end.


The slip was glued back into position and seems to be working fine now.


The whole process wasn't helped as it was after dark when I found the problem and it's much more difficult to see the tiny holes for the spring in artificial light!

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Having resolved yesterday's problem, I managed to complete yesterday's planned task today:



With all the pointwork I have made provision for future operation from below, should I chose to go down that route:


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Starting to lay the final three loops today:



Also, arrived in today's post:



I was running low and will need these to finish the loops. Normally I would just pop into one of the two local model shops for these but, of course, that's not possible now. Yes we still have two, no more than 15 minutes drive away - in opposite directions!

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