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    I have always been interested in railways, ever since I watched a loco on a suburban train disappear under a bridge and we all ran across the path to see it appear on the other side. It was helped by reading the railway series by W R Audry, the originals are so good.
    I then read, 4 Little Engines. It would be wrong to say that it changed my life but it was the start of a love affair with narrow gauge railways which was fuelled by holidays in North Wales from my late teens onward. The Ffestiniog was closer to where we stayed and the first time I had the chance to go to the Talyllyn I decided to climb Cader Idris instead. It was a good call really as I have often since been on the Talyllyn but never climbed Cader Idris again, and am unlikely to in the future.
    The 4 Little Engines fixed in my mind that the narrow gauge railway I would model would have to connect to a main line railway as a feeder line and although the Traeth Mawr and Twll Du Railway does not share the same station its timetable means that those who live in the 'Big House' can get to London conveniently.
    The late Victorian and Edwardian period were the heyday of railways so I set my time period as 1895. This is fine for narrow gauge as all you change is the people around it. However, as it was having to be a feeder I began to investigate the local railway which was the Cambrian. When I found that I would have to build the standard gauge first it became 'interesting' as I have yet to tackle soldering brass and this could make life difficult but kits are becoming available and I will have to persevere.
    Trips on the Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch cemented in my mind the idea of 'school trains' which of course the Twll Du runs, hence the need in Traeth Mawr for some schools that are more than the local village school which everyone leaves at 12 if they stay on that long.
    These are the reasons behind my modelling but having set it in 1895 I am enjoying the history which you have to learn to recreate the flavour of the period.

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  1. Excellent Mikkel, and a project finished! Fascinating all the different bits that you used. How big did stations have to be to have one of these parcels vans?
  2. Jonathan, Nice modelling as ever. The glazed tiles will be interesting. How long have 5 and 9 been closed?
  3. Shaun, Sounds like fun. I hope you and your son are having a good time together.
  4. Nick, Those two pictures of Barmouth South box are very useful. I do have lots of photos of both Barmouth north and south but close ups like that will be very helpful, when I eventually get round to building Traeth Mawr box.
  5. The first time we went there was in 1991. We were in the front open carriage and it was misting with rain as we started to climb. The noise off the wall on the right from the engine was phenomenal, plus the engine would regularly slip. Just brilliant! My eldest who was 7 then, still remembers it, and they visit regularly when in Mid-Wales.
  6. The Cambrian abolished Second Class in the 1890s and a report to the board said that because of this their revenue increased, I am not sure if it was because Second Class passengers then went First Class, or they got more Third Class passengers in Second Class compartments than they previously had Second Class Passengers. They had to abandon the move until 1912 when both the LNWR and GWR abolished Second Class, as Second Class Passengers from those lines on through tickets were a bit upset that they had to travel Third Class on the Cambrian.)
  7. Yes of course. That is why I was surprised it needed an Act of Parliament. There must have been some wording in the Act that set up the Provisional Orders, or perhaps the BoT were going beyond what there powers in theory were.
  8. I find this very interesting that Parliament thought that it should set rates for private companies, I am not sure that it would go down too well nowadays. Perhaps it had to be put in an act because BoT Orders did not have the force of law and that Parliament did not want to give the BoT such powers itself.
  9. I have a friend who once had a small holding with a small flock of sheep. We were there one day and the South Down ram was laying on its side, looking very ill. We went and told our friend, who said, "Oh that is just Bob, he does that as he knows it gets him attention." Sorry, enough thread drift.
  10. Apparently, farmers were not above ordering one size with a partition and then moving it once the animals were being loaded. Of course this was to the cost of the rail companies, but how they did it without the railway staff knowing I do not know. The GWR, invented a method whereby the locking mechanism of the partition was seen from the outside, so as to prevent this. @Mikkel has written about this in one of his blogs.
  11. Nick, 696 was an open 4 plank wagon built in 1900, with a rating of 10 tons. The planks look too new to be original, but who knows?
  12. My mother always said that when she was young, in the 1920s in rural Hertfordshire, the rule was that you should only eat pork when there was an 'R' in the month.
  13. Mikkel, This image came from the Science and Society Picture Library. I thought that when I had first seen it it was readable, but it is now no better than above. You may be able to enquire and get a good copy or find out where it came from.
  14. The wagon is a four plank, with the early 20th century livery, and the buffers are probably correct, but whether it actually goes back to then is another matter. Did it have a number?
  15. Nick, Somehow we have never been on this one, stopped for tea a few times though. I do like this engine, so I am not sure why it has never got onto my 009 modelling list. (Yes I do have one but it has been relegated to after Traeth Mawr is finished.) It is probably that it is the next size up from Talyllyn stock.
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