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No .  You do not connect a point motors feed wires directly to a DCC bus pair of wires.    

You have to use, for DCC operation, an Accessory decoder which is installed between the DCC system and the point motor.  Accessory decoder can depending on make have 1, 2, 4 , 6 or 8 separate outputs to operate that number of motors.

Your problem is that Kato point motors require two wires to feed the motor, where as more conventional solenoid motors use three wires.  The two Kato wires have to have the polarity reversed on them and need only a short pulse of power applied to the wires from the accessory decoder.  As most pulse type accessory decoders work on three wire outputs the use of a three to two wire converter device will also be needed, unless you can locate an accessory decoder designed to work Kato motors directly.   DCC Concepts produce a three to two wire converter which they state is suitable for use with Kato motors plus of course you would need the pulse accessory decoder too.

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A Digitrax DS64 will switch your Kato points.   I am sure there are others, but I have used this one successfully in the past.



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KATO 22-018-1 HO or N Scale Power Pack Standard SX - 220181 ???????

CONFUSED .................. DOT COM

I just need 1 of these to control 4 points.

But is that it ?

Does this unit operate the switch ?

Or do I need X4 of the switch below ?





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But that is not DCC operation. Its analogue using switches!   

What exactly do you want to use -  DCC  (Digital) or DC or AC (Analogue) to operate these point motors???


As you posted in the forums DCC section it was assumed you wanted to use the DCC system!

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I did and still do.

But I was just curious to see, how much it would cost to NOT to DCC my points. As an alternative to me strugling !


Is this what you mean ? :-


Dcc31 Gaugemaster Accessory Decoder For Kato Unitrack

Product Description: Suitable for the following scale(s): N Scale HO Scale OO ScaleEasy to use Cost effective control for a single Kato Unitrack turnout or other similar device ...more »


So the best part of £40 for all 4.


I know I go on about the money. But as a life changing Motorbike accident some 18 years ago, more of here www.sportsbiking.co.uk , left me disabled I can longer work for a living.



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will this work ?

X2 wires from my z21

into :- DCC31 Gaugemaster Accessory Decoder for Kato UniTrack                                                                                                                                               into my red and black wires from my kato points     ?????????????                                                                                                                                          

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They certainly look like they will work however you could always ring Gaugemaster or write to them and get the definitive answer because they sell the item and are therefore more liable to know if they meet your needs :)

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