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It could be done with lettering transfers by fox, but might take a long time to do but would make it different and really personal. I would paint the area with lettering for effect a black and gloss the surface for lettering. Another way would be to ask a decal maker to produce them.. could be an interesting sideline!

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You do realise how small it is? The whole thing is about two inches high and I can guarantee there wouldn't be a legible letter on it.


If it was worth putting transfers in I would have thought they would have supplied them decades ago.


Just paint it the colour it is meant to be (probably local stone or in an affluent area marble) and paint the plaque a bronze colour. Going towards brown with a hint of green if it isn't new or "cared for". If you think it will improve it then add some tiny lines to signify the names or possibly an epitaph/poem.




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